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Wheel Nuts 2008

rowsWe had a really good time at St Roses this year, the same pitch as last year which is in the centre of all thats going on. We could hear the tannoy although sometomes it sounded like the station announcer when you only get half a story. We had sun for the sunworshippers and a good amount of shade under a beautiful tree for us cooler ones. There was a good turnout for the club with 12 cars and one MG Mazda turnup and they all looked immaculate in their rows.

We were lucky enough to win a few prizes on the Tombola including the much coveted bottle of Famous Grouse whisky, although the person who won it wasnt in need of any more alcohol for the foreseeable future after Gloucesters win over their arch enemies Bath yesterday!

3As for the the other classic cars there were some really beautiful ones and maybe some not quite so good. There seemed to be a lot more cars there this year and it seems to increase in number every year.

The Gwent MG Owners club won the best club award (thats the last time we support St Roses as our charity - only joking Mrs Billington). We saw some St Roses children going round to see the cars and they seemed to enjoy themselves. This is a really worthwhile cause to support, lets have even more of our club coming to Wheelnuts next year which, by the way, is on April 26th. Thank you to all of you who made it such an enjoyable day



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Editors note : By the way I will not be at any MG events any more as Joyce has threatened to kill me if the above picture is put on the web where millions of people worldwide could see her in her moment of undress!

Wheel Nuts 2006

We attended for the second year as a club on the promise that the weather was going to be alot better this year.  The organisers were as good as their word, they also had a very good system for allocating car spaces.  We had our own club parking which was well marked.  This was a very well organized event.  It was an excellent day and enjoyed by all that attended even if we didnt win the raffle.  As usual there were many excellent classic cars there (and also some non MGs).  It was a pleasure to sit among all that history and also know we were supporting a good cause such as St Roses.  Between the six of us we could not muster one raffle prize, but then thats not unusual.  It was great fun seeing our club secretary moaning about having to have chased his wife to make some sandwiches for him, he is definately not a "Modern Man".  Trevor, of course, is.  Sue has been away for a few days and Trevor had to leave early as he a weeks washing up to do. 

For a fee we wont tell the wives about these minor indiscretions.  Well, it might be worth it. 

Wheel Nuts 2005

The event was a basically a fund raiser for St Roses Special School in Stroud. The school is set in its own spacious grounds located near the centre of Stroud. This school does work with disabled children and was therefore a very good cause. The event in question was a Classic, Veteran and Vintage car show together with stands for the modern cars.

It was very well attended as about 200 cars turned up, all trying to enter this narrow lane at once.  Still, at least the police were on hand to help get the cars off the road. We were given a site which was away from the main collection of show cars and we were placed in with the new ones. That was a little disappointing but we still managed to get some potential recruits for the club.

The weather was dull one moment, exceedingly wet the next and then sunny after that. We spent some of the time in our cars - just like an English Summer Beach holiday. When the sun came out we were able to see some of the cars on show. Apart from ourselves, there were quite a few other MGs on show although we didn't manage to track down the owners and tell them about our club. It was a pleasant day and we were able to get to know the others members that turned up mgaa little better. From that side alone the day was a winner.

There were also some really nice cars such as this lovely MGA.  He only wanted £300 for it. (Well, perhaps not but I can dream). It would have made a nice present for my wife.

timThere were some funny goings on at times as you can see from Tim in his headgear! Don't Ask! You had to be there.

I think the day went well although the siting was not too good. Still, we will know better next year.  All in all it was a very good day supporting a worthy cause and seeing lots of classic cars although it was obvious to us that the MGs were the undoubted stars of the show.


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