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Past Newsletters

This page allows you to see past members newsletters. 


October 2019 Newsletter No 128

Rob welcomed Members to the October meeting, held on a lovely evening. Although initially there were no new Members present, one gentleman crept in - Clive Forster who owns a 1974 MGB GT and he was given a warm welcome by Rob. He is local to the Gala Club and was given a Membership form in case he decided to join.

We had received a 'thank you' letter from Richard at Focus, which Laurence had emailed out to everyone, thanking us for the generous donation from the Cotswold Caper. Rob admitted that he had not seen the letter, but Laurence fortunately had a copy with him.

A big 'thank you' was given to Keith and Wendy for organising and hosting yet another successful social day, with great food, especially the desserts. The weather stayed dry for the excellent thirty-mile run from the Gala Club to their home.

Laurence reported that as we were nearing the end of the year there was not a lot to report on. We had our skittles match to look forward to on the 24th October where we may have to 'prune' our team down as twenty-four Members had signed up for the evening and we were still waiting to hear from our opponents the Wessex MGOC. Tim and Lou's Sunday lunch would be on the 27th October at the Hunters Inn, near Tewkesbury, meeting 12pm for 12.30pm sit down. Penny and Chris were organising the November lunch at the Daneway near Sapperton, and would take menu choices at the November meeting. A list was passed round so that they had a rough idea of how many would be attending.

Forty-two Members had booked for the Christmas Party Night at the Lilley Brook Golf Club, but there was still room for any late comers. Dave said that cheese and biscuits were an option instead of the pudding.

Reporting on the 2020 Caper, Trev said that our route man was enjoying himself in Tenerife and that four more Members had joined the Committee for 2020 which would create new blood and interest. The route was beginning to take shape. Someone suggested that it would be one hundred miles of the M5, fifty miles from the start and fifty miles back!

Richard suggested that it might be of interest to know what cars are owned by Club Members which Laurence has taken on board and would action in due course.

After a short break and the raffle, Laurence said that Chris, our Website man, would give us a short presentation of the proposed new website for our approval.

Chris had taken over from Adrian at the last AGM and although the website was very informative and useful it had been running for quite a number of years and in that time, as with anything else, things had changed. When Chris volunteered to help with the website, he realised that the diary page was the focus of the Club. We were shown slides of a simplified version of the diary page which was very much like an everyday calendar used at home. If you highlighted the second Thursday of the month this would give you all the information about the MG Meeting. The diary page could be changed from week or month to view or even an agenda type of list view. The 'Newsletter' could also be viewed on the diary page and we would still have the two areas, general public and members only. Unfortunately, Chris could not show us fully his thoughts as there was a bad connection between his laptop and the Gala Club’s projector, so his presentation was cut short. He did however say that we would go 'live' in the New Year and although the content would be no different it would be easier to access.

Rob thanked Chris for all the work he was doing in getting the website up-to-date and wished the skittlers good luck for their match against the Wessex MGOC on Thursday 24th October.

E & OE Sue


September 2019 Newsletter No 127

Members were welcomed to the September meeting by Rob, who was pleased to see so many of us gathered. Janice and John, who were new faces to the Club, but not to the Caper, were asked by Rob what car they had and to our surprise they had three MGs, one of which was an MGA. They had supported the Cotswold Caper for some years and although they were Gloucestershire people had not been able to join the Club due to various other commitments on a Thursday evening. Rob said that they were particularly welcome as we were going to present the cheque from this year’s Caper to our 2019 Charity, Focus.

As is usual when we have a speaker etc the business side of the meeting takes second place and Rob was delighted to hand over the very large cheque (size wise, specially brought out for the occasion by Laurence) to Richard Hastilow-Smith who received it on behalf of Focus. Richard had not prepared a speech for the occasion but thanked the Members of our Club 'off the cuff' for an amazing, well run event, which he enjoyed being part of. The money raised, £5,200.00, was for the bladder scanner which he said was on order and we will receive an invitation to see the scanner once it was in place at the Oncology Unit in Cheltenham Hospital. Photographs were taken of the presentation with the 'large cheque' after which Richard was given the official one.

With the help of our 'caller' Dave, Carol and Elspeth carried out the raffle.

It was decided that as we were only about half an hour into the meeting, the Committee would run through the business bits quickly and then Members could mingle.

Rob thanked all those who had contributed to the Caper and for purchasing the 'gear stick warmers' which had been designed and knitted by Myn.

As there had only been one nomination for the 2020 Caper Charity, by default it would be Severn Freewheelers.

Thanks were given to Rob and Myn for organising the August evening run, which finished at a new location for the Club, the New Dawn Inn, Tirley. Also to Andy for the September run finishing once again at the Whitminster Hotel, where we always have a great meal.

Rob handed over to Laurence for the upcoming events which were the Severn Vale Rotary Club 77 mile charity run on the 15th September, to which five of our Members were attending. Then the Castle Combe Autumn Classic Historic Racing Festival on the 5th October, for which he had reserved spaces should any of our Members wish to attend. Members were advised to book on the web site and choose our Club as the affiliated Club.

Keith and Wendy are hosting the annual Gloucestershire MG Owners Club Social Sunday lunch on the 29th September with Members paying a nominal £5.00 per head with the Club paying the balance. There will be a 39-mile run starting from the Gala Club at 11am finishing at Keith and Wendy's home. Keith had asked that Members provide raffle prizes with the proceeds going towards a Charity. On the 24th October we will be holding our return skittles match against the Wessex MGOC at the Beacon Hotel, Haresfield, kick off time will be 7.30pm.

Tim and Louise have booked the Hunters for the first Sunday lunch of the season on the 27th October. Tim informed us that we would be put in a separate room!!!

Richard offered to arrange a quiz for our November meeting

Dave C said that the menu for our Christmas Bash on the 14th December would be available at the October meeting when he would be taking numbers.

Dave G said that he would organise the March Sunday lunch which would be on the 15th.

A visit to the SS Great Britain has been arranged for the 21st June 2020, Fathers’ Day next year, where we will have priority parking and entrance to the museum. Laurence will be taking numbers at a later date, although several members have already signed up.

Trev reported on the 2020 Caper saying that the wheels were slowly turning with the people involved and that three Members had come forward to help, which would solve the immediate problems.

Laurence asked once again for Members to think about and suggest ideas for next year's programme.

The winner of the Caption Contest was Jane with 'The car park attendant at the SS Great Britain is certainly not ducking his duties'.

The meeting closed with the singing of 'happy birthday' to Les, whose birthday it was that day.

E & OE Sue


August 2019 Newsletter No 126

Rob opened the meeting by welcoming the Ladies and Gentlemen which he said was a subtle way of saying 'please be quiet and listen to me'. He had been unsure of whether work (what is that word) would permit him to Chair the meeting as he had been sent North for the day, but luckily had made it back in time although very tired. Rob welcomed Linda, a new face in the audience, who has a modern MG TF and it had been noted by Dave that it was a Silver 160. According to our Chairman all the best ones are silver.

It was reiterated to Members that nominations for the 2020 Charity were required by the end of the evening.

Thanks were given to Trev and Sue for setting up the gazebo on Minchinhampton Common for the Teddy Bears Picnic on the 21st July. Unfortunately, the turnout was low compared to the interest shown, only a select few, four Members’ cars plus one guest’s car attended, but it was an enjoyable afternoon. It looks as though this was the last ever Teddy Bears picnic.

Liz and Dave were thanked for organising the July evening run which had lovely scenery, good weather and great food at the Thames Head Inn. Trev was also thanked for yet again organising the gazebo at the South Cerney Steam Fair on the 4th August which was a successful Gloucestershire MGOC day out.

Sue reported that Club Funds were still good.

The microphone was handed to Laurence for his events report which he promptly handed back to Rob as his and Myn’s run on the 20th August was the first on the list. Rob said that since last month the menu had been changed so would Members who had already booked check the updated menu which was being circulated. The start of the run would be from Westgate Street Car Park, which is near Gloucester Cathedral.

Back to Laurence who explained briefly about the social evenings and lunches for Linda's benefit.

On the 25th August Torbay MGOC are holding their Pasty run and Laurence asked for a show of hands to see how many of our Members were attending. There are eight+ cars, with some of our Members making a holiday of it. Details from Torbay are very scant, so it will be a 'mystery event' for all of us.

There is a Classic Car Show being held in Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge on the 7th September and the car limit is 100. The charge is £2.00 but there is free cheese and wine! On the same day Whittington are holding their 50th Anniversary Show at Whittington Court.

Andy Jarrett's evening run on the 5th September will start from the car park at Tesco Extra, Brockworth, GL3 4AA. First car away at 6.15pm.

Severn Vale Rotary Club have a 77-mile charity car run on the 15th September starting from Eastington, near Stonehouse and the cost is £30.00 per car to include a coffee at the start and a hog roast lunch.

On the 29th September we have our social get-together at Keith and Wendy's home, commencing with a run of approximately 40 miles which will start at the Gala Club with first car away at 11am. There will be a nominal charge this year of £5.00 per person payable on the day with the Club picking up the tab for the balance. Members were asked to provide raffle prizes.

There are still two Sunday lunches to organise in November and March 2020.

Names will be taken at the September meeting in readiness for our return skittles match against the Wessex MGOC on the 24th October.

Due to the logistics of organising a Race Night during a Club meeting it has been decided to scrap the suggestion for the time being.

We have been invited back to the SS Great Britain on Sunday 21st June 2020 for a static show and Laurence has had a good response from Members who are interested in doing something different on Father's Day.

Rob caused amusement when he said that 'just before I pass on' with the immediate response from Members 'don't go yet'. He did mean before handing over to Trev for a Caper report but obviously Members had other thoughts in their minds. He's too young to pass on!!! He said that we had raised sufficient funds, £5,200.00, for Focus to purchase the bladder scanner which was very much needed.

Trev reported that the present Caper Committee had been running the show for several years and although the 2020 Committee was in place it might be beneficial for others to join and learn what is needed for a successful Caper. There is the possibility that some Members of the Committee may be packing it in at the end of next season which will mean that the Caper may cease to exist if new Members are not recruited. The roles are:- Caper route, catering, advertising, parking and the raffle.

It is important to keep it going and between the various Members, the Caper has been running for 14 years. Rob thanked the Caper Committee for all they have done in raising over £56,000 in this period.

We even have an article in the ‘Safety Fast’ Magazine with Pete and his sister-in-law in his MG YT being flagged away at the start of the Caper from Thornbury Rugby Club.

Laurence mentioned that we have a new photograph on the website and our skilled judge will decide who is the winner of the Caption before the September meeting.

One last item from Laurence and that was he had been approached by his neighbour who is a member of EMCOS (Enthusiast Motor Club of Stonehouse) and they need marshals for one stage of the Three Shires Stages, which is a closed road rally being held early September. Apparently eighty-two in total are required! Dave mentioned that he was doing the Cirencester stage.

Asked if there was AOB Steve produced a professional book of photographs, which had been taken by Andrew and Mark on our weekend in Llanerchindda if anyone wished to have a look. The cost of the book if we wanted to buy our own was £30.00 Scenic & Continental Tours have reserved thirteen rooms for our trip to Holland in April 2020, eleven rooms are already booked so if anyone wanted to join the trip Steve had the contact details of S&CT. With tongue in cheek Trev asked if there would be a recovery truck available.

If anyone would like to take advantage of a professional Assessor to do a valuation on their car Steve has one booked for October.

Tim mentioned that there were several local car shows on, Tormarton, Lechlade Steam Railway and a couple at Newbury.

After a short break and the raffle Laurence called the meeting to order as Rob had left due to his long day. As there was only one nomination for next year's Caper Charity it was decided that Severn Freewheelers, who had given a very impressive presentation at the July meeting, would be the beneficiary.

We had a very interesting quiz given by Keith. There were thirty-five questions all about films with an animal/bird in the answer i.e. The Wild ............ (Geese) Dances with .......... (Wolves). I think it was a quiz where Members got more than twenty right for a change. Well done Keith, a great quiz. The winners were Tim, Kate, Elspeth, David and our new Member Linda, I believe they had twenty-seven correct.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

E & OE Sue


July 2019 Newsletter No 125

As both Rob and Sue could not attend the meeting, it fell to Laurence to run it, assisted by Keith. Laurence said he thought it was his penance for missing the April AGM meeting!

Our Speaker for the evening was Nigel Warwick, assisted by colleague Paul, from Severn Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service. This is a free out of hours service delivering blood, human tissue & other essential medical items between NHS facilities in Hereford & Worcester, Gloucestershire & North Wiltshire.

Similar to the Air Ambulance and RNLI, they rely on raising their own funds and do not receive any Government Funding. The service costs around £1,000 per week to run.

Nigel gave some examples of the kind of things they do. Delivering diagnostic brain scan CDs, breast milk to special Baby Care units, emergency medicines and patient notes between hospitals and even false teeth! They have 8 BMW bikes, 6 with blue lights & sirens. They are often ex-Police bikes and cost around £16,500. Each year they cover an average of 100,000 miles for 3,500 callouts. They get through lots of tyres and the bikes are serviced every 6,000 miles.

Riders must be over 30, IAM or RoSPA members and have hazard management training. They also have blue light training, but these are only allowed to be used if sanctioned by the hospital. They are on call 365 days per year; during the week from 7pm to 7am and all day at weekends and on Public Holidays. Jobs are arranged through a coordinator, who takes calls from Hospitals and other Medical Establishments. They will then allocate the jobs and monitor progress through text messages and blue-tooth enabled helmets.

There are 30 groups throughout the UK & Southern Ireland, that can link up for a relay delivery e.g. on one occasion 8 groups were in involved in a delivery from Dumfries to Porton Down taking 7 hours overall.

At the end of the talk, Nigel & Paul gave interested members a look round one of their bikes, which was in the car park.

After the break, Laurence thanked Janet for organising the visit to the Watercress Line for the D-Day Landing 75th Anniversary event and to Dave & Chris for their first Evening Run and managing to get quite a few us lost after missing a turn! Teresa thanked Laurence for organising the SS Great Britain visit.

Everyone involved in this year’s Caper was also thanked for helping to make it another very successful event. The total amount raised is expected to be in the region of £5,200, which is exceptional given we had fewer entrants than last year. The feedback has been circulated by Laurence and it was clear the majority was very favourable.

Laurence then explained that nominations for next year’s Caper Charity will be needed by the Committee by the August meeting in order that they can narrow the list down to 3 if necessary and give presentations at the September meeting.

The upcoming events were then run through by Laurence with a Classic Car show at Newark Park on Sunday 14thJuly and a Pre-War Prescott Garden Party and Hill Climb on Sunday 20th.

We then have our Teddy Bears’ Picnic on Sunday 21stat Minchinhampton Common and Dave & Liz’s Evening Run on Wednesday 24thJuly.

There is a Classic & Performance Parade at Castle Combe on Sunday 28thJuly and we will be attending the South Cerney Steam Fair on Sunday 4thAugust.

Myn gave details of their run on Tuesday 20thAugust and Andy outlined his run to be held on Tuesday 5thSeptember.

Laurence then asked for volunteers to organise the Sunday Lunches through the Winter Season and several slots were filled. We still need volunteers for the November and March Lunches.

There were several pieces of motoring equipment for members to look at donated by Adrian Smith, who used to be a member. He wanted them to be given a new home. Also a range of Car Magazines still in their wrappers were brought along by Keith, who had been contacted by someone who wanted to dispose of them.

Finally, Laurence mentioned that the Caption Competition has been restarted with a new photo and will run for 2 months.

Thanks to Jane for taking the notes in Sue’s absence!




June 2019 Newsletter No 124

As there were no new Members present Rob welcomed all old Members meaning old in the years they had been in the Club and not old in age!

Before commencing the meeting, Rob asked that we had a minute's silence in memory of John Child who had recently passed away.

John had been a stalwart Member of the Club since Steve and Graham took over the running in 2003. John had organised many away trips to foreign parts - Ireland and the Isle of Man just to name a couple, evening runs and Sunday lunches assisted by his wife Maureen of course. He and Graham resurrected the Cotswold Caper with the help of John's brother Tony, working out the route, start and finish and John even produced the Route Book in house (i.e. at home). He also took over the reins of Chairman for a good number of years. You could always rely on John to turn up at all events with Maureen by his side. We owe a lot to John for his dedication to the Club and he will be sadly missed.

Our Speaker for the evening, Selwyn Hendrick, had received the support of Focus our 2019 charity and Richard Hastilow-Smith of the Gloucester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust thought that as Selwyn had vast experience with the sport of motoring he would be a suitable candidate to give us a talk. Selwyn was born in 1942 and was a chauffeur for Bulmer's Cider until they sold out to a bigger company whereupon he was made redundant. He gave us an insight into his long career in rallying and also how he came to be involved with MacMillan and Focus.

Rob thanked Selwyn for his presentation and Members gave their usual appreciation.

Elspeth was ably assisted by Margaret to sell the raffle tickets whilst Members recharged their glasses during the short break before the business.

A new face amongst the Members had been seen and Rob welcomed Michael who apparently drives a MG2CV but was looking for something a little more interesting.

Rob gave a huge thank you to Steve and Marion for organising the bi-annual trip to Llanerchindda, where we had a mixture of weather which didn't deter the enjoyment, with good drives on both days finishing in the evening with great food.

Richard was thanked for the May evening run which included three MGAs and their drivers. The rain held off but there was an obstacle on the run with Members having to negotiate round a hedge cutting tractor!!

Rob handed over to Laurence who produced a collection box for Members to make a donation in memory of John to Cancer Research UK. This would be in lieu of flowers as the request was family flowers only.

John's funeral would be at 3.30pm on Monday 17th June in the new Willow Chapel behind the old Chapel at Cheltenham Crematorium with Members being invited to the Hatherly Manor Hotel after the service. There was a very good show of hands when Laurence asked how many Members might attend.

Saturday 15th June was the visit to the Watercress Line for the D Day Landings 75th Anniversary when we would hopefully have decent weather and a Spitfire giving us a fly by. Sunday 23rd June was the SS Great Britain visit and the twenty-four Members were asked to meet at the Gordano Services on the M5 so that they could go in convoy and park in the allocated spaces.

The start for Chris and Dave's first run on the 25th June had been changed to the lay-by at Seven Springs, where the first car away would be 6.15pm. Providing the weather stays dry the Teddy Bears Picnic on the 21st July would be going ahead on Minchinhampton Common adjacent to the New Lodge. A teddy bear or two is a must to join in. The entries for the South Cerney Steam fair on the 4th August have been sent in and fourteen cars would be attending.

A skittles match has been organised for Thursday 24th October at the Haresfield Beacon & Railway Hotel, Haresfield against the Wessex MGOC. Names for this will be taken at a later date.

Richard had prepared a Viking Commemorative Run for the weekend of the 27/28th July which would include a overnight stay at St.Pierre Marriott Hotel Caldicote, but due to the short notice to confirm interest it was decided that it was a no goer at this stage. The hotel requested confirmation of numbers within two days of our meeting.

We have one hundred and nineteen entrants for the Caper with the first car being flagged away at 9.30. Clearwater Cars had offered to provide two MG cars for the day, but we would have to collect and return them due to their sales people being unavailable. Tim and Louise offered to help as they live locally to the garage. Brian would make the necessary arrangements.

Rob closed the meeting saying he would see those Members involved in the Caper on the 30th June.



May 2019 Newsletter No 123

Rob said if anyone had not been at the previous meeting and wondered what had happened to Brian, he had decided to sit elsewhere as Rob was taking the meeting as Chairman of the Club. It was his first time of welcoming Members to the meeting after having his arm twisted at the April AGM by Gethin to take on the position vacated by Brian.

Rob introduced our Speaker, Commander Philip Unwin RN, who had spent thirty-five years in the Royal Navy and ten years in another role of looking after a very special ship.

Philip thanked the Club for inviting him and said that he had had three MGBs and a J2 which was an absolute pig on which he learnt to drive.

The talk was on the 'SS Great Britain' which Philip said was the Concorde of her day. In July 1843 she was dressed overall and flying the white ensign ready to be launched by Prince Albert. The admission to witness the launch was five shillings. Her first Atlantic Crossing was in 1845 carrying forty-three passengers and after her fifth voyage to New York in 1846 she ran aground in Dundrum Bay where she was left for eleven months. She was used as an immigrant ship in 1852 and between 1856-57 she took troops to the Crimean War and to the Indian Mutiny. She also took our first cricket team to Australia in 1861 and was then turned into a Windjammer in 1882. On her third journey to San Francisco in 1886 she had to return to the Falklands for repairs which proved too expensive and was abandoned in Stanley Harbour in 1933. The Barge Mulus 3 returned her to her place of 'birth', Bristol, in 1970. Philip gave a brilliant insight into the history of the 'SS Great Britain' with great enthusiasm and you could tell that he was really fond of the old girl.

After questions and answers Rob thanked Philip for an amazing talk saying that he had learnt a lot more about the great ship since his visit twenty-five years ago. Members showed their appreciation by giving Philip a hearty round of applause.

There was a short comfort and raffle break.

Members were asked to take their seats for the exciting part of the evening, the business, with Rob thanking Gethin and Jan for organising the first evening run of the year in April which finished at the Fostons Ash Pub and for once the weather was good. Gethin mentioned that £56.00 had been sent to Focus, our Charity for this year, by the Manager of the Fostons Ash. Fourteen Members cars were on the Club stand at St Roses Wheelnuts Show and Trev was thanked for taking the trailer full of equipment, mainly the gazebo. There was lots of interest from the public in the Club and also in the Caper.

Club funds were still strong and to date we had forty-eight paid up Members.

Rob then handed the microphone over to Laurence for his report on future events, the first being Sunday 12th May, the Bridgend MGOC Cwm to Coast which was being attended by a few of our Members. Our trip to Llanerchindda Farm on the next May bank holiday, organised by Steve was all done and dusted all we needed would be good weather.

Richard had ten cars signed up for his evening run on the 28th May but there would be a change of start venue due to road works with trailers and equipment being left in the lay-by where we were to meet. It was decided that we should now start from the Gala Club with the first car away at 6.15pm.

Members who wished to go to the South Cerney Steam Fair would have to let Laurence have their names at the very latest by the June meeting so that the passes could be applied for. There are the possibly fourteen cars attending.

Steve had suggested and taken names of those who were interested in going to the Super Scramble at Bicester on the 23rd June, but this had proved slightly difficult in view of the fact that the organisers wanted Club entries to be over 5 cars. As Philip's talk on the SS Great Britain was so fascinating Laurence asked if Members would like to visit the ship and museum on this date instead. As there was a lot of interest Laurence said he would look at the possibility of going there as a Club.

Four Members cars would be going to the MGs in the Park at the Cotswold Wildlife Park on the 9th June.

Chris is working hard to get to grips with the website and to take over ownership, once this has been established we may see a few changes!

Paul was thanked for his efforts in setting up our Facebook page and Members were asked if they had had a look at it.

Trev mentioned that the Caper was now getting very close and the entries to date were one hundred. The helpers on the day were in place and we are fairly well covered marshal wise. Raffle tickets were still available for Members to take away on a sale or return basis and June would be the last opportunity to bring in any prizes for the raffle.

Members were asked if they could give some thoughts for a Caper start venue for 2020. We have traditionally gone South and North of the Cotswold on alternate years and in 2020 we would be looking to go North. Trev asked if he could have some feedback on a venue as after deciding on the date this was the next important item to arrange.

Keith was the winner of the Caption Contest with 'Hoodwinked again'. The picture was supplied by Jackie and Chris whose cat was elegantly posed on the hood of their MGF.

Jane said that there was a possibility of new colours in the clothing range.

Rob explained that the Committee had had some thoughts on how to select the Caper Charity for future years which we hoped Members would be happy with. The timescale would be:

At the August meeting nominations would be sent to the Committee which must include information about the Charity. It must be local, willing to work with the Club and need to have some idea of how the money raised would be used. The Committee would then review each nomination against the above criteria and if more than three charities were proposed then the selection would be reduced down to three.

The three Charities would be presented by the Committee to the Membership at the September meeting and also published on the website.

Voting would take place at the October meeting using ballot papers, with the counting carried out by Members who were not on the Committee and who had not nominated a Charity. The winning Charity would then be announced.

Rob thanked the Members for bearing with the Committee on the business of the day and hoped that the talk was enjoyed by all.

It was time for AOB and Jane C congratulated Rob on the way he had conducted his first meeting.

March 2019  Newsletter No 121

Brian welcomed Members to the March meeting including John Taylor who had recently moved back to the area and had come with a completed Membership form and money ready to join.   Janet and Peter who have an MGA were also welcomed as it was their first meeting since becoming Members.

Our Speaker for the evening was Chris Witts with 'My Life on the River Severn' who was very impressed with the attendance, as other groups to whom he had given presentations were dwindling.  Chris explained that he was fed up with school and most days he would be down at Gloucester Docks watching the oil tankers and barges.  So it was no surprise at the age of 16 in 1960 he was taken on by John Harker Limited and joined the Shell Steelmaker as a relief deckhand as the usual deckhand was on sick leave.  The work was hard as they spent seven days a week on the tanker working day and night to coincide with the tides to make the journey between Gloucester and Swansea for their collection and delivery of fuel.

His second tanker was the Wyesdale H and what was surprising was the fact that this was the sister tanker of the Wastdale H which, along with the Arkendale H, hit the bridge on the River Severn near Sharpness in 1960, where five crew members lost their lives.  Chris had firsthand experience of this event and at low tide the remains of the tankers can still be seen.

It was a fascinating talk, enjoyed by all and Brian gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Members.

During the break Carol assisted by Jan as Elspeth was unwell relieved Members of their money for the raffle.  On convening the meeting Brian thanked the ladies and their caller Dave for their efforts.

The Club funds are still healthy and we now have 68 Members cars.

Steve and Marion were thanked for organising the February Sunday lunch at the Weighbridge where Members enjoyed the famous 2-in-1 pies.

Before handing over to Laurence Brian did ask once again for suggestions for speakers or any other entertainment which we could have at the monthly meetings.

Laurence said that there were quite a few items on the agenda and he would try and whip through them quickly.

Gethin had eleven names for his Sunday lunch on the 24th March at the Frogmore Inn. Laurence explained to our new Members that we held Sunday lunches through the winter months with Tuesday evening runs through the summer starting in April.

The invitation to the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre at Cheltenham on Wednesday 27th March was being attended by eleven Members and Dave mentioned that they would be going for a meal afterwards, but he would not be paying.

There are nine Members going to Highnam Court on Thursday 28th March to see the Gloucestershire Police Horse Unit in action.  Graham said that the more the merrier if anyone else should wish to go along.  It should prove to be a very interesting visit, with tea and cakes afterwards.

A few Members are booked for the MGB Register Spring Run on the 7th April which starts at Millets Farm stopping off at the Classic Motor Hub Bibury and finishing at Kingston Bagpuize House and Gardens.

Our first run of the year on the 23rd April has been organised by Gethin and Jan with the first cars away from Tunnel Hill on the A40 at 6.30.  It will be a run of approximately 22 miles finishing at the Fostons Ash Public House.  We are not usually privileged to this information, perhaps Gethin is setting a new trend.

Steve and Marion's Welsh trip at the end of May is now fully booked.  Steve was keen to organise a trip to the Bicester Heritage Centre on the 23rd June which he thought would be a great day out after his and Marion's visit last year, but apparently this year is not the event it was last.  There will be no information until April and there is a change of name 'Super Scramble'.  Nine couples had expressed an interest and Steve advised that they look at the Bicester Heritage web site for information before any further decisions were made.

The Caption Contest was a picture of Teresa in her finest and the winner with 'Is she Bali Hi' was Wendy who at the moment is convalescing after a knee operation.   Keith collected the bottle of wine on her behalf.

It had proved rather difficult for Richard in the organisation of the Liz Heighway Memorial run, as the hotel he had selected gave cause for concern with parking and there were major road works on the route North which he had proposed.  The run will now be held towards the end of July with a route going South of the Severn and into the Forest of Dean. 

Teresa thanked Members who had brought in raffle prizes for the Caper and said that she would gladly relieve Members of more gifts should they wish to bring them in at the next meeting.

Janet had sent a message to say that the raffle books would be available at the April meeting.

Brian reiterated that after eight years as Chairman he would be standing down at the AGM in April and it would be good to get a new person in as a figure head and ambassador for the Club.  Nominations should be sent to Laurence before the April meeting.



February 2019  Newsletter No 120

Brian opened the meeting saying that it was an excellent  turnout for  Valentines Night and welcomed a potential new Member from across the river, Mike Witcombe.   Thanks were given to Rob and Myn who had organised the first Sunday lunch of the new year at the Fostons Ash Birdlip.

Our February Sunday lunch has been arranged by Steve at the Weighbridge Inn Near Avening famous for its' 2-in-1 pies and Marion said that there were four more places available should any  Members be interested.  We would meet at 12.30pm ready to sit down to receive our meals at 1pm.

Gethin passed around the menu for his March Sunday lunch which is to be held at the Frogmore Inn Shipton  Oliffe  where annually on New Year's Day a meet up is held for classic cars owners.

Laurence said that there was a last call from Adrian for the Bournemouth weekend in early April which he arranges each year with 6 double, 1 twin and 2 single rooms available.  Tim and Louise said that they would be going but no other Members showed an interest at this time.

We had received an invitation from Focus, our Caper Charity for this year, to their Supporters Evening  on Wednesday 27th March at 6.30pm at Gloucestershire Oncology Centre Cheltenham General Hospital.  The supporters would be able to see first-hand how their fund raising was making an impact.  A few of our Members said that they would represent our Club at this event.

On the 22nd April,  which is Easter Monday,  Coleford are holding their annual Carnival of Transport to which we have had an invite.  This has been well supported by the Club in the past but the only Member attending this year would be Graham and Theresa who had already sent in their entry. 

Our usual stand at St Roses Wheelnuts Show on the 5th May would be available to us but we would need to finalise the number of Members cars attending at the April meeting.   Laurence took a note of those who were interested.

Another outside event is  Oxfordshire's' MGOC 21st Anniversary Event 'MGs in the Park' to be held at the Cotswold Wildlife Park.   Entry is free to park for the MG car and driver, but for passengers the charge is £11.50 per person.

Several Members have already registered for the Torbay MGOC Pasty Run at the end of August, with some making a weekend of it.

Laurence said that organisers for the July and August Tuesday evening runs were still needed, the August one being brought forward to the 20th, Rob and Myn offered to take this one on.   Dave volunteered Liz to do the July run but could she change it to the Wednesday which would be the 24th.  This was agreed.

There was no information at this time on the 'Liz Heighway Memorial Run' to be held at the end of July as Richard had unfortunately had an accident. 

Although it is a long way off until our Christmas get-together Dave has been having thoughts on entertainment and it has been suggested that we have a sing-a-long with a pianist!!  Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!

To date we have 50 entries for the Caper, all is proceeding well and if anyone needs help with getting advertisements for the route guide Laurence was willing to give advice.

Brian mentioned once again that he is standing down as Chairman at this year's AGM and a new person is needed so that the Club can run smoothly.

Graham asked if anyone would be interested in attending a mid-week visit to Highnam Court which is the home of the Gloucestershire Police Horses.  The purpose of the visit would be to see the police give a demonstration of training of the horses and for our Members to act as an unruly crowd.  Tea would be served and Members would also be allowed to look around the grounds of the Court. 

After a short comfort break and the raffle Gethin handed out a sheet of A4 paper on which there were 9 questions and 10 pictures relating to alcohol and cars.   The scoring was very low with Trev surprisingly getting the highest marks, the bottle of wine was given to Sue.

Brian thanked Gethin for his quiz which was very testing as always.



January 2019  Newsletter No 119

It was the first meeting of 2019 and Brian wished everyone a happy new year commenting on the fact that  it was good to see so many Members as it was a dark January evening.   David and Elspeth had brought along potential new Members Pip and John who had two MGs,  John a Midget and Pip an BGT and they were welcomed by Brian who asked if they had races against each other!!!

The chosen Charity for the 2019 Cotswold Caper was Focus and as it was the Charity put forward by Dave C he  had organised for Richard Hastilow-Smith Head of Fundraising at Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospital Charity to come along and tell us all about their works.

Richard's knowledge about the Charity was second to none, he gave an interesting insight into the works carried out and even showed us a 1929 ticket for the raffle of a Morris Cowley, supplied by the Wicliffe Motor Company, which was the first appeal for a gamma probe.  Henry Trinder who plays rugby for Gloucester is a Patron of the Charity and hopefully we will be having a rugby player to flag off the Caper cars in June.

A warm vote of thanks was given to Richard by Brian.

During the break Elspeth and Carol held the usual raffle and they raised the grand sum of £57.00 for Club funds,  a fantastic amount. 

Brian thanked Dave and Liz for organising the Christmas meal which was a super evening with great food.   The staff at the Golf Club always look forward to our parties as for whatever reason they find us very entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!   The money raised by the raffle of £130.00 was donated to the Great Oaks Hospice which is in the Forest of Dean and was one of the Charities proposed by Wendy.  Dave and Liz were also thanked for arranging the presentation by Richard Hastilow-Smith.

Sue said that the Club funds were still good and that Membership was 66 cars, Pip and John had decided to join during the break.

The winner of the Caption Contest was Marion with 'Gloucestershire's latest sniffer dog was looking very pleased with himself' and as she was not at the meeting to receive the bottle of wine Laurence said he would take charge of it.

The first Sunday lunch of this year is at the Fostons Ash on the 27th and Rob said that the owners were fans of the MG.  He had forgotten the menu so Members were asked to check the website and let him know the choice of food by email.

A quiz has  been organised by Gethin for the February meeting and one of the Members asked if there was a topic, would it be a quiz on drinking and driving.  Dave had tried this but unfortunately he had spilt his beer!!  We would have another quiz at the August meeting and Keith already has one ready.

Laurence passed round Steve and Marion's' Sunday lunch menu in their absence which is on the 17th February and  would be held at the Weighbridge Inn near Minchinhampton.  He also mentioned that there were still two rooms left at Llanerchindda Farm for the end of May weekend and if anyone wishes to book these rooms to contact Steve and the Farm via the website.  There are currently 11 cars and their owners booked.

We had received an invitation to the Torbay MGOC Pasty Run on the 25th August and have been given the opportunity to register in advance of the public date of the 19th April.   Laurence took a note of those interested.

As support for the September evening runs have been very poor over the years and following on from feedback at the November meeting, the Committee decided that the August and September evening runs should be brought forward.

Laurence had been looking at different topics for Club nights and asked if a 'Horse Race Night'  would be of interest.  It was agreed and this would take place towards the end of the year either October or November.

Dave asked if there was anyone who would like to organise the Christmas Party this year at a different venue,  but there were no takers.   It was then agreed  to hold the 2019 Christmas Party on the 14th December at the Lilley Brook Golf Club and Dave would pop into the Club and book the date.

Trev gave an update on the Caper stating that Margaret had the route sorted aided by Paul and that the venue at Thornbury  could  cope with 120 cars.  The entry will be kept open but we might have to cap it if we get too many entries.   The advert was due to hit the paper middle January and Laurence had received interest from various clubs already.

One of the nominations for this year's Charity was the Butterfly Garden and Dave Gregory said that the golf club to which he belongs had sponsored them.

After 8 years as Chairman Brian had decided to finally step down this year so we are looking for someone to take over his role at the April AGM.  We do need a few more Committee Members so Members were asked to think about nominations.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm



November 2018  Newsletter No 118

Our speaker for the evening was already setting up when those of the Committee not away on holiday arrived.  Before the commencement of the meeting it was the presentation of the Caper cheque to GWAAC and we waited on tender hooks for their Representative to arrive as it was nearing 8pm.  Luckily a contact number was found for Steve on a bottle of wine, which he had won in the Caper raffle in June and Brian was able to speak to him.  Steve apparently knew nothing about the re-arranged day, obviously a breakdown of communications.

Brian opened the meeting explaining there would be no presentation this month and we would start with Ian Thomas who would be talking on the Weather History for Gloucestershire.  Brian was very impressed to see that Ian would be giving an old fashioned proper 'slide show'.

Ian explained that he had been a presenter of the weather on Gloucestershire Radio with Faye Hatcher for a great number of years.  The 'slides' of the weather conditions in years gone by were amazing especially the ones showing the frozen River Severn where two men actually walked  a return trip from Arlingham to Newnham.  The droughts and the floods were also covered,  one of the most recent ones being when Fromebridge Mill was cut off and a boat was provided for those wishing to take advantage of the restaurant.   A fascinating and very informative history of the weather with records dating from 1659.   Brian thanked Ian for the wonderful pictures which also included what are now Classic Cars.

Elspeth and Carol did their usual with the raffle while Members recharged their glasses.

In Laurence's absence Brian ran through the Agenda commencing with Tim and Lou's Sunday lunch on the 18th November at the Badger, Eastington.  He said that  if anyone was  interested in a trip to Bournemouth in 2019 then Adrian would book the hotel previously used, as the rates were very good for bed and breakfast for the weekend 5th to 7th April.  A few Members thought it was a little too early to commit to 2019. 

Dave and Liz were thanked for organising the first Sunday lunch of this year where we had good food and excellent weather.

Thirty-eight Members had signed and paid for the  Christmas meal on the 8th December and  there were still places available,  the cut off date would be a week before the event. 

Rob said that the meal he and Myn were arranging would be at the Fostons Ash on Sunday 27th January but to date he had no menus to circulate.

Every two years we have a long weekend at  Llanerchindda Farm arranged by Steve and the time had come for  another visit.  There were 10 rooms already booked with 3 more  available and Steve asked if anyone else was interested.  He also mentioned a trip he would also arrange in June to the Fly Wheel Show in Bicester on the site of the RAF.  The cost would be about £53.00 for the day but if he could take 20 people then there would be a discount.  The suggested date was June 23rd.  Steve and Marion would also organise the February Sunday lunch on the 17th and this would be probably be at the Weighbridge Inn, Nailsworth famous for its' 2in1 pies.

For the last two years there had not been very good attendance on the September evening run and the Committee thought perhaps this should be deleted from the calendar or transfer it to a Sunday run.  One Member thought that the reason for non-attendance was because of the age of the Club when Members take advantage of a holiday without kids who have gone back to school.  The suggestion was  that it would be better to have the run at the beginning of the month.  Someone even suggested a September surprise run at the end of August!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wonder who that was!

Gethin brought in a copy of the card he had given on our behalf to the Oxford MGOC on the anniversary of their 21years, he said it had been a great evening with a fish and chip supper and entertainment by a County & Western singer.

The time had come for the nominations of the Charity for 2019.    Without exception all were worthwhile Charities put forward and presented excellently by  five Members.  Focus chosen by Dave,  Gloucester Child Contact Centre Rob,  Ronans Trust Marion,  the Butterfly Garden Mike and Great Oaks Dean Hospice Wendy.    There was a show of hands for each one and the overall choice was Focus with 22 votes followed by the Butterfly Garden with 14 votes. 

There were the usual questions of why we only give to one Charity and why cannot we not  take Charities over for the following years which Brian explained thoroughly.

Thanks were given to all five nominees for their thoroughness with their proposals.

For those not attending the Christmas meal Brian wished them a very Happy Christmas as there would be no meeting until January 2019.   He asked them to think about nominations for the AGM in April as he and Trev would be standing down and we would need a further two Members at least.

The last meeting of 2018 closed at 10am



October 2018  Newsletter No 117 


The Committee were back after their absence from the September meeting due to enforced holidays!   Well laid plans are very often changed at the last minute as was the case with this meeting which should have commenced with the presentation of the Caper cheque to the Great Western Air Ambulance representative.  Brian explained that Steve Mould was unwell and a replacement was not available at such short notice so the cheque would be handed over at the November meeting.  He welcomed new Member Chris Little and said Friends UkeNited would open the meeting and entertain us for about 40 minutes when there would be a break so that we could refresh our glasses, do the business and hold the raffle.  Friends UkeNited would then round off the evening for us.

Terry, whose stand in last year was Luigi, said they were not a real group as they didn't belong to a Club, they were more like roving minstrels with him sending out emails of the venues booked and waiting to see who turned up.  He was expecting sixteen  but in fact there were twenty to entertain us and Dave C said they wouldn't get paid any more.  Terry recognised Dave as a trouble maker and asked if he was a bully at school!!! 

They played their ukuleles and sang a wide variety of songs, from Willie Nelson, Travelling Wilberries, George Formby, Hermins Hermits, Tom Jones, and a name from the past McGuiness Flint a Scottish Duo.  They did a good rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'Alleluia' and Lonnie Donnegan's  'Putting on the Style'. 

(Can you spot our Chairman)


Carol and Elspeth had sold the raffle tickets as Members came into the room so Brian said that we would quickly run through the Agenda.  He thanked Andy Jarrett in his absence for organising the September evening run which was very enjoyable, with good food at the Whitminster Hotel,  even though only a few cars turned up.  Thanks were also given to Wendy and Keith, again in their absence, for the excellent social day held at their home.  Keith had produced a lovely run through the Forest of Dean and Wendy had provided a wonderful selection of food including sumptuous desserts.  The proceeds of the raffle which amounted to £100.00 was donated to Genetic Disorders UK, which was the Charity of their choice.  A thank you card was received from the Charity which was circulated amongst the Members.

Trev and Sue were thanked for organising the venue and food for the return skittles match against the Wessex MGOC where we were the runners up once again, but only by one point.  Someone suggested that we should have had a recount.  A rematch will be organised in 2019.

The arrangements for the 2019 Caper are well under way, the route had been mapped out, but Trev said that he was missing his 'right hand man' who was on a short break.  Brian said that Members  need to decide on their pet Charity for next year (not a charity for pets) sending nominations and a few words about them to Laurence before the end of the month so that a decision can be made at the November meeting.  He also emphasised that it was to be a Charity who benefited locally and not one of a bigger concern where the money went into a big pot.

Laurence asked the Members for more suggestions with regards to our social evenings which would be better for all

Dave and Liz are organising a two-course Sunday lunch at Teddington Hands Inn on the 21st October and on the 18th November Tim and Louise have booked the Old Badger in Eastington for their Sunday lunch.

Our Xmas Bash is on the 8th December and to date we only have twenty-five Members booked.  Dave asked for raffle prizes to be brought wrapped to the November, failing this on the night.

The diary for next year still had a few spaces for organisers of the lunches and runs, Myn and Rob offered to organise the January lunch, Dave and Chris the June evening run with Richard taking on the July  run.

Richard thought it would be a nice idea to do a Memorial Run in remembrance of Liz Heighway who sadly passed way this year and as  the mileage would be quite high he and Terry (Liz's husband) wondered whether they should make it into a two day run with an overnight stay.  The Members thought it was an excellent idea, so Richard and Terry would draft out their ideas, look into hotels and bring it to the next meeting.

The raffle was drawn before Friends UkeNited returned to their instruments.

During the second half of their session Terry asked if Brian could re-create his triumph of last year by accompanying them on the tambourine.   It was only a little one he was given which looked more like a pair of hand bells, but he did a magnificent job with rattling the bells to 'Country Road'.  There was also audience participation with the 'fly song' which caused a lot of amusement.

Brian gave Friends UkeNited a vote of thanks for a super evening, one to be remembered.

The meeting closed at 10.10pm



September 2018  Newsletter No 116 


Trev ably assisted by Paul opened a rather depleted meeting and it was mentioned that most of the Committee were absent and that as the children had returned to school it was the opportunity for Members, without children to go on holiday.

During the past few months our Membership has increased and it was good to welcome new Member Paul Bennetts to the meeting.

Liz and Dave were thanked for their evening run which finished at a new venue 'The Seven Tuns' and both run and meal were enjoyed by everyone.  At this point Dave handed out 'flyers' to remind Members of the Xmas Meal on the 8th December and said that their Sunday lunch would be at the Teddington Arms on the 21st October.  The menu choice for both events would be available on the web site.

Sue had assured Trev that the 'Club Funds' were still in the black although that might not be the case as she had flown off to Jersey that evening!

Laurence had left Trev a list of forthcoming events which he ran through quickly the first being Andy Jarrett's run on the 18th September starting at the Whitminster Inn Hotel and the social event on the 23rd September being organised by Keith and Wendy.  The menu for this was passed round the Members. 

The return Skittles Match against the Wessex MGOC was on the 4th October at the Haresfield Beacon & Railway Hotel and Trev asked for Members to sign up for this very important match.  By the end of the evening he had more than enough names to put a team together and these would be passed to Laurence for co-ordination.

There were only two outside events to report on and that was the Tamar Valley Club run on the 16th September and the Swansea MGOC Club's 23rd Beacon run on the 30th September for which Trev had details of both should anyone be interested.

Trev said that there would be the presentation of the Caper cheque to the Air Ambulance at the October meeting before the entertainment by the Ukulele Group.

Paul mentioned that the Caper was on going and that the start, finish and halfway coffee stop were already booked.  Now they could commence working out the route.  A request was made for volunteers to marshal on the day, 30th June 2019, with hands being raised very quickly.


One of our very observant Members had noticed in the September Edition of 'Enjoying MG' under the Regional Review Section that the Cotswold Caper had been mentioned 4 times.  Worcester said that it was brilliantly organised and five of their cars had attended for an excellent 100 mile drive around the Malverns and Cotswold, great scenery, lovely food and drink stops.  Bromsgrove and District had a little trouble after their lunch stop as certain of their cars started to take wrong directions which added to the fun bit of the event, but reported that they all got back safely.

Elspeth and Carol fleeced the Members, sorry sold the raffle tickets whilst there was a short break before the quiz by Richard, who said it was called 'When' as an example ' which year did these events take place'.  Someone suggested that if it had happened in the last 24 hours they might stand a chance!!!  After a lot of laughter Richard started on the 25 questions kindly giving some assistance by allowing a couple of years either side, but this did not help.

The first question was ' in which year was the Princess Royal born' which Liz answered correctly she even knew the date.  Someone hinted that she may have a better signal for her mobile at the back.  Very unkind!!

Richard asked how many teams had the full 25 questions correct, no-one.  The winners were David, Elspeth and Margaret with 9 correct answers and they donated the tin of Roses Chocs to the Xmas raffle.

Trev thanked Richard for organising the quiz and then closed the meeting.

NB Many thanks to Janet who took in depth notes at the meeting so that we could put together this Newsletter.



August 2018  Newsletter No 115 


As both Brian and Sue were unable to attend the meeting, it fell to Laurence to run the meeting on his own.
We were entertained with a series of films by the Gloucester Film Makers Club. Laurence introduced John Greene, who is the Secretary of the Club. He explained a little about the club and the fact that it has been running for 56 years. John introduced his colleague Mike Morris, who had put the show together and would be in charge of running the films.
The films, although varied had chiefly a transport theme. They included everything from a wonderful old advert by the Two Ronnies for Austin Morris cars to a Heath Robinson contraption that allowed you to set up a tent on the roof rack of your car and sleep in it.
There were some old films of local interest such as when The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh came to Gloucester for the 800th Anniversary of The Royal Charter and also visited the Railway Carriage and Wagon Company. Also some early films of events specially made to entice people into the cinema afterwards to see themselves on film. These included some interesting scenes at Barton Fair, Morelands Factory, Dinner time at the Wagon Works, Tredworth School and a Tram ride along Northgate Street. One film that showed a policeman on point duty at The Cross had several people convinced it was Dave Carter!
Another early film of local interest was of cars competing in trials at Rodborough Common and up the Nailsworth Ladder.
Other topics included an early Gas Turbine Car, the first Driving Test, stock car racing, stunt driving, a Dowty Turbo craft and more up to date, the Welland Steam Traction Rally and Gloucester Retro Festival with the cast of Allo Allo.
All in all a most varied and interesting evening and one which everyone said they would like to be repeated next year.

Laurence thanked John & Mike for a fascinating and very informative series of films.

After the raffle the meeting convened again.
Firstly, Gethin & Jan were thanked for getting the weather right for the repeat of their April run. Lovely scenery and once again good food at the venue at the end.
Also, Rob & Myn were thanked in their absence for a lovely run, finishing up at Fostons Ash. Glad they got their car sorted in time!
A lovely cruise on the Willow Trusts boat was held recently, which everyone enjoyed, particularly the sandwiches and cakes provided.
Also, the following day the club were present at the South Cerney Steam Extravaganza and had a photo taken by the Editor of Classic Car Weekly. This has appeared in the most recent copy of the newspaper that came out the day before the meeting.
In Sue's absence, Trev delivered her report. Myn has checked the accounts and they have been accepted. The Club funds are still healthy. We now have 60 Members, which includes 8 new Members since April, which is encouraging.

Laurence then ran through the upcoming events. Firstly, Dave & Lizs run on Wednesday will start in the Lay by at the top of Tunnel Hill GL54 4HF on the A40 towards Oxford. The Snowdon Run, Tetbury Car Show, Gloucester Retro Festival and the Newent Onion Fayre were mentioned.
Andy Jarrett gave a brief outline of his run on Tuesday 18th September, starting at the Whitminster Inn, however he is still waiting for the menu for the finish venue.
Keith then circulated a food choice list to help Wendy sort out the catering for the Club Social on Sunday 23rd September.

Laurence then said that the presentation of the Caper cheque to the Great Western Air Ambulance would now be at the October meeting and not the September meeting. This is due to a mass exodus of Committee members for the September meeting! This means Trev will be running the September meeting and Richard has kindly volunteered to organise a Quiz.

Looking further ahead, Laurence mentioned that we still need someone to organise a Sunday Lunch for January (27th), however nobody volunteered to take this on.

The Winner of the Caption Competition was Janet with the caption I thought you only went wrinkly if you stayed in the water too long. Congratulations to Janet, who was not able to be with us.

Trev gave a brief report on next years Caper and said that planning was well under way.

Finally, we had a birthday to celebrate. It was Paul Drewetts birthday on that day and he was given a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

With no further business, Laurence declared the meeting closed at 9.50pm.



July 2018  Newsletter No 114 


Brian said that we would commence the meeting with Ian Hartwell who would be giving us a talk on the history of Gloucester Prison, hoping that our Members at the back would not be too familiar with the establishment.  He welcomed Ian Jones our latest new Member who had come along to the meeting with Dave Duberley and stated that we would go though the official bits and the successful Caper later.

Ian Hartwell had been in the prison service for 40 years starting and finishing at Gloucester with time spent at Parkhurst to mention just one of the many he had served in.  HMP started life in 1792 as Gloucester County Gaol and Penitentiary and was designed by William Blackburn who was from Dursley.  It replaced the old county prison which was a castle built in 1166. 

During the years 1792-1864 there were 105 public hangings which took place over the prison gatehouse, with the last one in August 1864 when Lewis Gough aged 55 was hanged for murder.  The public hangings were attended by many and it was then decided that this should not be the case and in 1872 prisoners were hung in private within the gaol.  The period 1872 -1939 saw sixteen men and one woman hung with the last hanging on the 7th June 1939 of Ralph Smith for the murder of his ex girlfriend.

The gaol has now been sold and there is likely to be 273 residential units built and not a care home as suggested by one of our members. 

Brian thanked Ian for a fascinating and very informative talk on the prison.

After the raffle the meeting conveyed with Brian saying that there would be a presentation of a cheque for £5,000.00 at the September meeting to the Great Western Air Ambulance  which was the amount raised by our very successful Cotswold Caper.  The 2019 Caper was underway and more information would be given at a later date, but planning for the 14th one had been committed to paper.

Laurence had received a lot of email feedback from those who had taken part in the Caper and many of the first timers said they would be returning next year.  A printout of the feedback was passed around the members. 

Dale and Sara were thanked in their absence for their delightful June evening run, where we  had plenty of sunshine and scenery.  This was their first run since joining and we hope not the last.

There was no change in the Clubs fund which as usual is in the black.

Gethin's evening run on the 19th July will start not from Seven Sprnigs but from Tunnel Hill outside Cheltenham at 6.30pm but will follow the previous run which was spoilt by the weather.  Ken stated that the Hereford run organised by him and Phil on the 22nd July needed a few more cars for it to be viable, so far only four cars were on the run.  Rob and Myn are carless at the moment as the cam belt broke and their MG is in the garage, but they are hoping to have it back for their evening run on the 24th July which will start from the lay by in Seven Springs at 6.15pm.

We have seventeen cars going to South Cerney Steam Fair on the 5th August and Members were asked to be at the Beeches Car Park Cirencester by 9am ready to leave at 9.15am.

Laurence then reported on various outside events to which we had been invited, Shelsley Walsh for their F1 through the ages on the 29th July,  the Newent Onion Fayre on the 8th September to which only one Member to date is attending.  It we wanted to go as a Club and have priority parking we would have to book in advance.  Dave mentioned that the Tamar Valley MG Owners Club People and Places on the 16th September was fully booked.

Although we did not wish to look forward to the winter months Laurence asked for volunteers to organise the Sunday lunches which would commence in October running through and including March.  Tim and Louise, Dave and Liz and Steve and Marion offered to arrange three of the months.

Ideas are needed for next year's meetings and Members were asked if there was anything in particular they would like the Committee to arrange.

A short report was given on the Caper which was the best one ever where everyone pulled their weight, with a great set of 300 pictures being taken this time and where new skills were learnt, shepherding!!!  Four Members were despatched to a gated field area in which there was a large flock of sheep and we understand that these Member will now be taking part in the next local sheep trials.



June 2018  Newsletter No 113 


Brian was back in harness after his hip operation and welcomed Dave and Chris Gregory who joined in May and were attending their first meeting and also past Members Alan and Kay Crick who had decided to rejoin that night.  Pete Vielvoye had brought along Mark as a visitor and he was also welcomed to the meeting.

Thanks were given to Geoff Wakefield, in his absence, for organising a very enjoyable evening run with lovely scenery and plenty of sunshine.   And to Steve for the Coffee and Classics event at Ablington near Bibury where there was more sunshine.  There were plenty of very expensive cars to look at but no-one has owned up yet as to whether they had made a purchase.  There was reserved parking for us at the Inn for All Seasons much to the disgust of the Jaguar owners.

Sue and Trev were thanked for organising a long weekend trip to Jersey for 10 couples and their cars.  The hotel was good with wonderful grounds and facilities, friendly staff and good food.  Laurence had arranged a meeting with the Jersey MG Club on the Sunday and we were taken on a short run through narrow lanes.  

Sue said that the Club Funds are still in the black.

On the 24th June it is the 23rd Chipping Sodbury Classic Car Run and Laurence asked if any of our Members had entered.  Marion said that she and Steve would be doing the run and also Lionel, but didn't know of anyone else.

The evening run on Tuesday 26th June has been organised by Dale and hopefully everyone had seen the details on the website. 

The maximum number for the Willow Trust cream tea cruise on Saturday 4th August is 30 and 24 Members had already booked so there are  six places available.  This is a 2 hour cruise on the Sharpness Canal and if these are not taken by MG Members then they will be on open offer.

The day after the cruise is the South Cerney Steam Fair where we have 17 cars attending.  Members who were at the meeting were given their entry ticket.  Laurence said that arrangements for meeting up to go in convey will be given at the July meeting. 

Gethin passed round a list of dates for a repeat of his wet April run and the unanimous  decision was for Thursday 19th July.  This would be quickly followed by Rob and Myns' Tuesday evening run on the 24th July.  So a bonus, two evening runs and a Sunday teddy bears picnic run on the 22nd July.  Ken asked if there was any objection to a run of 120miles for the teddy bears picnic, which was 20miles longer than last year, but well worth it for the countryside.   There would be various stops along the way, with a lunch and tea stop.  We would start and finish in Ross-on-Wye.  As there was only one comment Ken has left the run as it stands.

Trev didn't have much to say about the Caper except for the fact that it was getting very close and that we had 142 entries to date.  Brian gave a brief explanation of the Cotswold Caper for the benefit of our newest Members.

Teresa who is looking after the raffle thanked all the Members for the excellent prizes they had donated and that she had been given 15 more that night.

The Caption Contest was won by John C with:

I'm dreaming of a white TF
With every problem solved
Where the soft top is down and we stay dry
And have the wind in our hair

Well done John, a first I think.

After a comfort break and the usual swindle Richard gave us a 25 question quiz on Gloucestershire which set the cogs spinning.  Brian, Teresa, Laurence and Jane were the outright winners with 19 correct answers, putting a lot of the other Members to shame!!!!  Many thanks to Richard.


May 2018  Newsletter No 112 


Another month and a very good turnout of Members who were enjoying their socialising before Laurence called order and the meeting began. Visitors, Tim and Kate Parrott were warmly welcomed and informed us that Geoff and Jennie had recommended they came along to see if they liked us now that Tim had finished his MG TA.  It was the first outing since the rebuild and they were both shocked and terrified, but had managed to make it to the Gala Club. 

Laurence gave apologies from Brian who had had a hip operation and said that all was going well and that Brian was making good progress hobbling around on his crutches, so it would just be the just of them (him and Sue).

Our speaker for the evening was Margaret Daniels who Laurence introduced as Gloucestershire's answer to Pam Ayres, Margaret said that this title was given to her by members of a wine club in Stroud

Before entertaining us with her poems Margaret gave us a brief background of her life as a local lass attending Barnwood School in the 70s.  She apologised for the fact that there were only a couple of car related poems which she had written years ago and which she would read before the end of her presentation.  Through our lives we very often mishear remarks and the first poem was called 'Misheard'  which was a true story about her young son.  She found him on his hands and knees with 'bum' in the air looking for what she did now know.  When she eventually asked what he was looking for he replied 'I'm looking for the giraffe'.  Margaret was puzzled by this as there had been no mention of giraffes, but then she realised that she had made the comment to her husband that there was 'a draft in the room'.  This was just the start of a very hilarious evening by a very talented lady. 

Margaret was thanked by Laurence who said the presentation was full of humour and observations of life.   There was no charge but a donation for the James Hopkins Trust was made, a charity which we supported some years ago with our Caper.

We had a comfort and raffle break and then Laurence said that we would reconvene for the normal business side of the meeting.

It was with great sadness that Laurence had to advise Members of the passing of Liz Heighway.  Liz and Terry had been Members of the Club since March 2012 attending many events and also setting quizzes, one in particular was a picture quiz which went down really well.  A minutes silence was held in memory of this lovely lady who will be very much missed.

Gethin was thanked for his very enjoyable, if rather wet,  run which was the first of the year, but the bonus was we had some fabulous food at the restaurant at which Gethin had chosen for us to finish..  It was agreed that we should do the run again later in the year and Gethin said we were to pick a date,  but he would change the start venue as the road had become very busy.

There was a good presence at St Roses, thirteen cars in total, two unfortunately had to cry off,  the weather was dry but a little on the cold side. 

Club funds are still in the black and we now have fifty-two Members cars, four of which joined in April.

Laurence ran through the coming events commencing with Geoff and Mandy's evening 31 mile run on the 22nd May which would start at Seven Springs with lovely scenery finishing at a  pub.  Geoff had ordered good weather.  Twenty-two Members had  booked for the Willow Trust Cream Tea Cruise from Saul to Slimbridge on the 4th August and Laurence said that he had been told the tea would be a good feast.

Steve and Marion had arranged our  Coffee and Classic visit for ten Members to the Cotswold Classic Hub at Bibury on the 3rd June and explained for the benefit of Tim and Kate what it involved in case they should wish to attend.

The closing date for the South Cerney Steam Fair is the end of May and at the present time fifteen cars were attending along with their owners.  Members who had not booked would not be able to go at the last minute,  so it was  important to get their  names down before the end of May.

 Dave and Liz asked if their evening run on the 14th August could be moved by one day to the 15th, the incentive being the food would be at a bargain price.  All Members were in agreement.

Ken and Phil advised that their Hereford run on the 22nd July would be approximately 120 miles and Members would need an ordnance survey map.  The start would be from Ross with a cream tea at some stage during the route, finishing on the A49 between Hereford and Ross.

In 2017 we had attended the Cotswold Airport Revival at Kemble which was an excellent and interesting day, but this year they are holding it over two days 29th and 30th September and in view of the fact that as a Club we have to commit to the two days we had decided not to attend.

Laurence had received very little response to the proposed visit to the Bristol Aerospace Museum and should there be no marked change in the near future this would not go ahead.

Ken mentioned that if anyone was interested in attending the Pied Piper Summer Show at Highnam on the weekend of the 9th and 10th June they should contact him.

On the 27th May three Members would be attending the Moor 2 Sea run which was organised by the Exeter MG Club.  Chipping Sodbury Rotary Club were holding their annual Classic Run on the 24th June the cost being £27.00 per car which included a bacon roll.

The June meeting will be the last opportunity for Members to bring prizes along for the Caper raffle and also to return their raffle stubs and money collected.

In past years marshals/helpers on the Caper had been given the opportunity to have a 'rehearsal run' of the route and to have an input, but this year it was decided to keep it simple and for the Committee only to check out the route.  Paul had now produced the route guide which is on schedule and  ready for the printers.  Should Members wish to check the route out they will have the opportunity after the event.

Laurence closed the meeting closed at 9.45



April 2018  Newsletter No 111 


Another year had passed and it was time once again for the all important AGM.  Brian opened the meeting remarking on what a good turnout there was and welcoming Stewart who had decided to come along and join that evening and also enter the Cotswold Caper.

Brian said that we would 'kick off' with the AGM and apologies were given  for  Geoff and Jennie Bartlett, Terry and Liz Heighway, Lionel Teague, Brian Wilson and Phil Gundy.  The April 2017 Newsletter No 100 was briefly read through and Brian asked for it to be accepted as a record of the proceedings of the 2017 AGM, which all Members agreed upon.

The first of the Officer's reports was given by Brian as Chairman who said that it would probably be very much the same as last year and Laurence would cover the majority of things that had happened during the year in his Secretary's report.  Brian did say that the Club had had another busy and successful year.  He thanked the Committee for the work they did behind the scenes and also a big thank you to everyone who had arranged evening runs, lunches and quizzes and  to those Members who had supported the events.

He was pleased to report that we had had new Members join us throughout the year and welcomed them to their first AGM.  Our numbers remain strong with 56 cars.  The Cotswold Caper 2017 of which we should be very proud raised £6,109.00 for the Willow Trust and he thanked all those involved.

The 2018 Caper was progressing well, the route taking us North from Cheltenham towards the Malvern's before re-crossing the River Severn for the wonderful North Cotswolds scenery. 

Brian also mentioned that this was the 8th Chairman's report that he had delivered and he thought it was time Members heard a different voice from the front of the room, giving notice that he will be resigning as Chairman at the 2019 AGM.

The second report was from Sue, the Treasurer, who said that she would keep it brief.  Membership at the end of the financial year was 56 cars which included 4 new Members who had joined during February and March.  The raffle continued to give a good float although not quite as much as last year and thanks must for go to Mo and Carol,  also Elspeth who had been helping Carol over the last few months. 

The accounts had been available on the website for Members to peruse and Laurence had asked that any queries regarding the accounts should be sent to Sue before the AGM.  As there had been no questions it was assumed that Members were happy with the accounts.  The closing balance was £2074.48. Myn had kindly agreed to 'audit' the accounts again for this year. 

Brian asked that the accounts be accepted , this was proposed by Teresa and seconded by Richard.  All Members agreed and the motion was carried.

It was Laurence's first report as Secretary and he said that the year had been extremely busy, there had been 11 Club Meetings, 6 evening runs and 3 weekend runs (Herefordshire, Teddy Bears Picnic and a Social Day), 2 long weekend trips (Bournemouth and Llanerchindda and 4 Sunday lunches.  We had attended 6 external events (St Roses, Y Type, Thatcher's, South Cerney, Coffee and Classics and Kemble), organised a very successful Cotswold Caper and also practised our skittles skills.  There had been a lovely Christmas Meal and the year started one again with another trip to Bournemouth the third one organised by Rita and Adrian with the route taking Members through the New Forest.

He was not present at the April 2017 AGM but came back from a cruise as our Secretary.  Keith had given a general knowledge quiz following the AGM where by all accounts everyone had learnt something.

The first run of the year was Rob and Myns in April which was followed by the St Roses Wheelnuts event at which 6 cars attended where they had wall to wall sunshine.  The May run was organised by Geoff Wakefield and May Bank Holiday saw the biennial trip to Llanerchindda Farm arranged by Steve and Marion.  This was the 3rd visit where 9 cars took part.

Myn ran a general knowledge quiz that taxed everyone's brains at the June meeting and on the 14th June the MG Y Type Round Britain Relay arrived in Gloucester celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Y type.  An early MG YA carrying the baton which had been made by Pete Vielvoye was handed to Pete for the next leg of the journey.  June was also our Annual Cotswold Caper, with the event being based at the beautiful Cirencester Agricultural University with the half way stop at Bowood House.  An 11th hour change to the route to avoid a 24 hour cycling event which was taking place at the same time had to be made which required frantic printing by the cycling organisers to amend the route and our pink ladies had to insert these into the route guide with haste. 

Following the Caper weekend, Gethin organised a Tuesday evening run with a gentle canter down through the Windrush Valley finishing at the Gateway Hotel in Burford.  In July we had a visit to Thatcher's in Somerset to learn how cider was made and  tasted the fruits!  The following day was a scenic 100 mile drive through Hidden Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders organised by Ken and Phil.  Pete Vielvoye arranged a run from Crickley Hill Country Park which finished at Minchinhampton Common where we had our annual Teddy Bear's Picnic.

The July evening run was organised by Keith and Wendy, with John and Tony arranging Augusts and Andy doing the last run of the season in September, all of which were very enjoyable.

Fifteen cars attended the August South Cerney Steam Fair and a new venue for us in September was a visit to the Classic Car Hub near Bibury organised by Steve and Marion  with lunch at the Inn for All Seasons.  A return visit is planned for June 2018.   We also went to the inaugural Vintage and Wartime Rally which was held on Kemble Airfield. 

Keith and Wendy once again hosted a social event at their home, with Keith providing a 30mile run from the Gala Club to their house in Churcham where Wendy fed us with her delicious food.  Several Members had donated raffle prizes and Mo and Jane kindly did their usual raffle duties raising £74.00 for the charity nominated for 2018.

The first Sunday lunch of the winter was organised by Tim and Lou at the Hobnails Tewkesbury, with Novembers at the Farmers Arms Apperley organised by John C.  January saw us at the Crown Inn Frampton Mansell organised by Laurence and Jane, with Keith and Wendy arranging the February lunch at The White Hart Maisemore.  Unfortunately due to the snow which had fallen overnight the March lunch organised by Brian and Teresa at the Clothiers Arms Stroud had to be cancelled.

Through the year we had had talks by Rod Harrison, Chairman and Chief Observer of Gloucestershire Institute of Advanced Motorists, The Great Western Air Ambulance (our charity for 2018 Caper), Paul Barnett who gave us a presentation on 'A Gloster Boy - in defence of the Drift' and 'Those were the day - the Swinging 60s' who were a couple with lots of memorabilia from that era.

We also had Friends Uke-nited a ukulele band who entertained us with old and new songs and invited our Chairman to join them with Jambalaya by shaking his tambourine.

At the September meeting the Willow Trust were presented with a cheque for £6109.00 and Liz, the driving force behind the Trust, was overwhelmed saying that the amount was way beyond what she had expected.  She quickly worked out that 400 guests on their 2 boats would benefit from our generous donation.

We had two other quizzes through the year which were given by Teresa and Steve both of which were excellent and taxed the brain.

Our Christmas Party Dinner was once again organised by Liz and Dave and held at the Lilleybrooke Golf Club.  A raffle was carried out with the prizes being donated by Members and this raised £158.00 for the Oncology Department at Cheltenham General Hospital.

We had a skittles evening in early February at the Haresfield Beacon and Railway Hotel where 26 Members turned up and played killer.  Dale who said he had never played skittles before was very skilful.  It turned out that he is a ten-pin bowler and we are pleased that he is on our team for our match with the Wessex MG Club in April.

Laurence said that thanks must go to everyone who organised an event, without their efforts the Club would not be nearly so much fun to belong to as it is now.

Brian thanked Laurence for his comprehensive report and said it was time to vote on the Constitution.  All Members had received copies via email, the Committee had looked at various ones but in the end had acquired the circulated one from another Club.  Gethin was thanked for his comments under EGM and the amendment had been made with the proposed Constitution being recirculated, but one other amendment was necessary under the finances section and if Members were happy with this Brian asked for a show of hands.  The Constitution was adopted.

Brian also hoped that Members had read the details sent out regarding the Data Protection Policy and that their details would only be for Club purposes.  He asked for a show of hands and there was no opposition. He said he couldn't understand how a Club could be run without Members details being kept.

It was time for the election of the Committee and as there had been no nominations Brian informed the Members that we would be happy to stand for another year.  The present Committee are Brian (Chairman) Laurence (Secretary) Sue (Treasurer)  Trev (lead on Caper), Jane (Clothing) and Adrian in our Bournemouth Branch (website).   It was suggested we were voted in en bloc which was proposed by Gethin and seconded by Rob.  All Members were in favour.

As there had been no nominations for the position of Deputy Chairman which had been suggested at the March meeting, it was decided not to adopt the position.

Trev gave notice that he would stand down from the Committee in 2019 but would carry on heading the Caper.

Brian closed the AGM at 8.40pm and suggested that we had a comfort break whilst Carol and Elspeth sold the raffle tickets which would be drawn before reconvening for the normal meeting at which Keith would give us his quiz.  During the break Teresa, Janet and Marion handed out the Caper raffle tickets to Members who wished to sell them before the run in July.

The meeting of the new Club year was opened by Brian who confirmed that the Club Funds were solvent.  He then handed over to Laurence to run through upcoming events.

Thanks were expressed to Adrian who had arranged the enjoyable weekend in Bournemouth where Members had a run visiting the picturesque villages of Dorset.

He explained for the benefit of our new Members that we held runs of approximately 30 miles ending with a meal at a public house on the fourth Tuesday of each month through spring and summer.  The first event was Gethins' Tuesday run on the 24th April starting from Seven Springs.  Gethin asked if the gypsies had been moved off the site as it was too foggy for him to see when he passed by on his way to the Gala Club for the meeting.  Not quite sure whether he was being serious about this problem or not, but we will find out when we meet up in the lay-by.

Two days later would be the skittles match against the Wessex MG Club at the Spencer Sports and Social Club in Melksham and Dale was asked if our team of 12 needed to be practising before the event. 

Our usual pitch was booked for St Roses Wheelnuts Show on the 29th April and passes were handed out to those attending.  Four more couples expressed an interest and Laurence said that he would see if he could obtain some further passes.

Details of Geoffs evening run on the 22nd May would be on the web site.  Steve is arranging a visit to the Classic Car Hub on Sunday 3rd June for which we have to pre-register and for which he would be taking numbers. He handed out a few brochures for the benefit of those who had not attended before and might wish to go along.  Lunch would be organised at the Inn for All Seasons but was not compulsory.

The deposit of £7.50 per head for the Cream Tea Cruise on the 4th August is due to be paid at the May meeting and final numbers were to be given by the 4th June at the latest.

We also have to pre-register for the South Cerney Steam Fair on the 5th August, with the closing date before the 1st June, so anyone who has not pre-booked with Laurence will not be able to attend with the Club.

As there had been no one to take on the July Teddy Bears Picnic Pete had agreed to incorporate it with the Hereford run which Ken and Phil were arranging for the 22nd July.  There was a good show of hands in agreement to this and Ken confirmed that it would be a run of approximately 100miles.

Laurence will organise a visit to the Bristol Aerospace Museum which could be in June, July, August or September and the preference was for a weekend visit. 

With regard to the progress with the Caper, our Route Man is still on holiday, but he will be back.  We have over 100 entries, with enough Marshals and Pink Ladies so all is going well at the moment.  Teresa is collecting and storing all of the raffle prizes but says that she has unfortunately broken a bottle of whisky!!!!!   Clearwater Cars who have the MG Dealership in Gloucester are our main sponsors.

Jane said that as the price of clothing is going up within the next few weeks, if Members wished to purchase any it would be best to get their orders in now.

The Caption Contest was won by Laurence and Jane with ' Brian started having second thoughts when he saw who was playing William Tell' and donated the bottle of wine to the Caper raffle.  Well done to them.

The business side of the meeting over Keith gave us his quiz of 25 questions which was very interesting all related to cars.  There was a tie break between Brian and Teresa and Steve, Marion and Janet with 8 correct answers and the winners were Steve and co.  Many thanks to Keith.

Brian closed the meeting at 10pm



March 2018  Newsletter No 110 


Due to Brian not being able to make the meeting and Sue being in America, Laurence had to run the meeting on his own.

He introduced Steve Mould (a ground crew volunteer), who gave us a very informative talk about The Great Western Air Ambulance, our charity for this years Cotswold Caper.
Steve began by giving some background information about the Air Ambulance service. The first Air Ambulance in the country was in Cornwall in 1987, by 2014 there were 20 charities operating throughout the country involving 30 helicopters overall. Each area has its own charity and they all rely on their own fundraising efforts, both public and corporate. They receive no Government or National Lottery funding (except in Scotland).

The NHS supplies each Air Ambulance with the equipment and drugs an NHS Ambulance would have, but any specialist equipment and drugs they need are funded by donations.
Great Western Air Ambulance has one helicopter based at Filton at present, but it is due to be relocated to Almondsbury. The service also has two critical care land Ambulances for use at night and in areas where it would be too difficult to land a helicopter.

The service covers a large area: Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset, Wiltshire and Bath and North East Somerset with a combined population of 2.1 million and costs approximately £3 million a year to run.
The service answers, on average, 450 calls a year, saving the lives of 350 people. It takes 4 minutes from scramble to take off and they can usually be at their destination within 20 minutes. The helicopter needs a minimal landing area the size of a tennis court.

Each Air Ambulance is staffed with a pilot, a critical care doctor and a critical care paramedic. The paramedic is funded 40% by the NHS, but the doctors are paid by the charity. Most of the doctors have full time jobs and work on a volunteer basis in their spare time.
Steve explained that the Air Ambulance would be deployed when a 999 call has been made and assessed as needing additional help (an Ambulance will already be on its way at this point). The majority of call outs in this area are for road traffic accidents, farm accidents and cardiac arrests. Air Ambulances now carry blood supplies, which, along with the other specialist equipment carried, means casualties will have had a high level of treatment before reaching hospital.

Steve told us that each mission costs £2-3,000 pounds and therefore our fund-raising efforts would be greatly appreciated. Looking at our previous fundraising efforts, this means we could potentially fund 2 lifesaving missions.

Steve gave us lots of interesting information and those at the meeting will now hopefully have a better idea of how our fundraising can help.

After a brief break and the raffle, we continued with the rest of the evenings business.

Thanks were given to Keith and Wendy Lewis for organising a lovely Sunday Lunch in February at The White Hart in Maismore.

Sue was away but let us know that club funds stand at £2035.94 and that the Caper account already has £3000 in it (this has come from advert fees and entrance money.)  It was pointed out that some of this money will be needed to pay for route guides, rally plaques etc.

Laurence said there are lots of events coming up in the next few months:

Brian and Teresa are organising the March Sunday Lunch at The Clothiers in Stroud.

Easter Monday (2nd April) Coleford Carnival of Transport. If members would like to attend this, let Laurence know.

Trip to Bournemouth 6th to 8th April. Rooms still available.

Thursday 12th April is the next club meeting and AGM. If members have any nominations or agenda items they would like included, they have to send in a notification 2 weeks before (by 29th March). Sue will ask Adrian to put the Club accounts on the website in early April for members to look at and will also bring a copy to the meeting. The accounts will need to be audited.
We will be introducing new membership forms to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force in May. This is something all organisations who hold membership details will be required to do. Laurence explained that in simple terms it means we must have a members permission to contact them and they need to state a preference for how they wish to be contacted. Laurence then outlined how this process would be carried out and that an email would follow explaining clearly what members needed to do.

Tuesday 24th April is the first evening run of the year organised by Gethin starting 6.30 to 7.00 from Severn Springs Lay-by. Food will be at 8.30pm.

Thursday 26th April is the skittles match against the Wessex MG Club at The Spencer Sports and Social Club Beanacre Road,Melksham SN12 8AG. There will be a cold buffet, sandwiches and chips available.

Sunday 29th April is St Roses Wheel Nuts Classic car show. Trev will be taking the club gazebo.

Saturday 4th August (1-3pm). A lovely afternoon cruise with a cream tea on one of the Willow Trusts boats. The boat will be exclusively ours and we are led to believe that the teas are substantial
The cost is £15 per head to include the cruise and tea, with a 50% deposit needing to be paid 2 months before the date and the remaining 50% to be paid a month before.
This promises to be a great outing and is, of course, another good way of raising further
money for the Willow Trust.

Sunday 5th August is South Cerney Steam Fair. This is the largest show of its kind still run by volunteers.

Saturday 8th September. The Newent Onion Fayre is taking place then.

Trev explained that the Caper organisation is well underway. We have 90 entrants so far.



February 2018  Newsletter No 109 


All Members waited in anticipation for the arrival of Paul Barnett our speaker for the evening who was late.  His excuse was that he didn't have an MG and had to walk to the venue.  Brian welcomed Kathryn and David Howard who are Derricks' neighbours and had joined that evening.  They had  also filled in the entry form for the forthcoming Cotswold Caper.  Paul needed no introduction as he had spoken at a Club night on two other occasions but nevertheless Brian did say a few words before Paul began his presentation on 'A Gloster Boy - in defence of the Drift'.

Paul was in a light hearted mood promising to keep the talk to 3 hours!   He made reference to the film 'Zulu' which made its debut on the 22nd January 1964 and was based on the battle of Rorke's Drift (Kwa Jimu) which took place on the 22nd-23rd January 1879.  Alfred Henry Hook was born in Churcham in 1850 and was a  Private in the 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment taking part in this well known battle.  He was decorated with the VC on the site where the battle took place by Sir Garnet Wolseley on the 3rd August 1879.  He sadly died from pulmonary tuberculosis in 1905 and was given a full military honours funeral at St Andrews Church Churcham where he is buried.

The film depicts Alfred as a drunkard which was totally incorrect, he was tea total and a good living man

Before the battle South Africa was little known, it was the staging post for ships on their way to the Far East.

True to form Paul ran over the 45mins presentation by at least 30 minutes but as it was another interesting and full of history presentation no one was in the least concerned.  There were a few questions and answers after which Brian thanked Paul before suggesting a short break with a quick sale of raffle tickets.

The meeting was reconvened with thanks going to Laurence and Jane for the very enjoyable Sunday lunch at the Crown Inn Frampton Mansell.  Also thanks to Trev and Sue for organising the recent skittles evening at the Beacon Hotel Haresfield where  Brian won some money along with three other members as they were joint scorers at the game 'killer'.

The Club funds are still in the 'black' and Sue reminded Members that renewal fees would be due in April when she would  be happy to collect £10.00 from each of them as she would be away for the March meeting.

Laurence  gave an update of forthcoming events passing round the menu for Keith's'  Sunday lunch on the 18th February at the White Hart just in case any Members had missed out at the January meeting.

There is a talk by The Great Western Air Ambulance, our Charity for this year's Caper,  at the March meeting and there are still rooms available for the Bournemouth weekend at the beginning of April.

Brian and Teresa are organising the March Sunday lunch but Brian didn't have anything to say about it as he has yet to finalise the venue.

The skittles match with the Wessex Club has now been set in stone for Thursday 26th April starting at 7pm at The Spencer Sports and Social Club, Melksham where two  alleys had been reserved.   There will be a cold buffet with chips so we'll not go hungry.

Laurence said that he would be taking names at the March meeting  for the cream tea cruise with the Willow Trust on Saturday 4th August.  The maximum number of people they can take is 30 and it will be £15.00 per head with confirmation and a deposit being paid in June with the balance in July.  He also had a communication from Tamar Valley regarding their run on the 16th September with cars being limited to 50 in number and an entry fee of £29.00 which included two cream teas.

An email from Newbury MGOC had been received thanking us for our donation to the rebuild of the MGB which they hoped would be launched at the Classic Restoration in London in March.

The winner of the Caption Contest was Marion with 'Brian put on a brave face but it really wasn't quite the raffle prize he was hoping', she  was presented with a bottle of wine.  Members were reminded to send any suitable photographs to Adrian for the Caption Contest which is judged every other month.

Pete and Derrick had been organising the Teddy Bears Picnic for a number of years and they thought it  would be good to have a change of venue from Minchinhampton Common. Laurence asked if anyone would be willing to take it on.  As there were no takers he did ask for Members to think about a different  venue and bring their thoughts to  the next meeting.

There is a possibility of a visit to the Bristol Aerospace Museum and Laurence asked for a show of hands to see if it was a viable proposition.  The group rate based on 20 or more would be £10.00 per person with £5.00 per person for a guided tour of 45minutes.  Steve suggested a run to coincide with the visit and was immediately thanked for offering to organised it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teresa had been chatting to Dale at the skittles evening and he had said that he was joining a convey of vehicles who were doing one circuit of the M25 in aid of the charity 'Help for Heroes' .  Members were asked if they would be interested in having a slide-show of this event at the April meeting after the AGM.  Teresa was going to liaise with Dale to see if he was willing to do this.

Members had been unable to get into our web-site and Laurence explained that Adrian had had problems with the web people who were the hosting company but he hoped this had now been rectified.  He had also taken on board the request  that our site needed to be refreshed from time to time and he had produced a slide-show showing various cars and activities.  This will only work if Members were prepared to email their photographs to Adrian.

Jane had quite a few hessian bags left from last year's Caper showing the 2017 Cotswold Caper and Willow Trust logo and for a small donation, which would go to the Air Ambulance Charity,  Members could purchase one or two.

Ken and Phil's Hereford run which is scheduled for June is under review at present as the date conflicted with another local run.

Brian closed the meeting at approximately 10.15pm


January 2018  Newsletter No 108 


After the Christmas break everyone still seemed to be in high spirits as the noise level was quite high with Members chatting happily. No doubt they were catching up as there had been no meeting in December apart from the very successful Christmas party at the Lilleybrook Golf Club.

Brian commenced the meeting wishing everyone a very happy new year and saying it was good to see so many Members who had obviously survived Christmas and New Year.  There were no new Members or guests to welcome.  He also said that Christmas 2018 was already in the throes of being arranged as Dave and Liz had once again taken on the task.  They were thanked for organising the superb Christmas Dinner and Brian informed Members that the raffle had raised £160.00 which Dave and Liz had donated to the Focus fund at Gloucestershire Oncology Centre.  Laurence read out a letter of thanks from the Head of Fundraising.

John was also thanked for arranging the very enjoyable November lunch at the Farmers Arms, Lower Apperley.

Laurence ran through the forthcoming Club events starting with the first Sunday lunch of the new year at The Crown Inn, Frampton Mansell on the 28th January.  Members were asked to arrive at 12.30pm for a 1pm sit down.

A skittles match has been arranged for Wednesday 7th February at the Beacon Hotel, Haresfield and Keith had booked the White Hart at Maisemore for 18th February for Sunday lunch.

We have advanced notification for Pembrokeshire's Pendine Dash on the 20th May and Exeter's Moor-2-Sea run on the 27th May.  Laurence has all the details should any Member wish to attend.

There are still rooms available at the Bournemouth hotel for the weekend of 6th-8th April which Adrian has organised and Members were asked to contact Adrian should they wish to join Members already booked.

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the London to Sydney Marathon and Newbury MGOC are looking for donations to support the restoration of the MGB which took part in this marathon run.  A collection tin was passed round the Members and we are pleased to say that we have £18.75 to send to Newbury MGOC.

Laurence had been given some dates for the Wessex Group skittles challenge which will take place in Melksham, their home turf.  The date chosen is the 26th April and it was suggested that we arrive at 7pm.  We will have a return match during the autumn on our territory and Trev offered to organise this event.

The Willow Trust, who were our 2017 Charity, have offered two dates for a cream tea cruise and it was agreed we would  prefer Saturday 4th August, which would be a busy weekend for Members as the Sunday is the South Cerney Steam Fair.

Brian asked once again if Members had any ideas for meetings for the coming year, but no one came up with any suggestions.

Trev said that the Caper Committee were well into the organisation for this year and Sue had something to report.  Nine entry forms had been received that day plus a further one being handed to Sue by Geoffrey one of our Members.  The information had only been put on the web site at the beginning of the week, so applicants must have been waiting in anticipation!  Laurence said that we needed advertising and raffle prizes and although it was only January it was not too early to think about this.

Brian suggested we took a break before he and Laurence read out Steve's quiz in his absence.

Carol was assisted by Louise with the raffle as Elspeth was unwell, money taken was £45.00, an excellent start to the NewYear.

There were 20 questions on Gloucestershire, some of which were unknown and quite a revelation.  Dave, Liz, John, Mo, Carol  and Les were the winners with 18 correct answers.  They very kindly donated the bottle of wine, which they had won, to the Caper Raffle.

A brilliant quiz once again Steve


November 2017 Newsletter No 107 

The meeting got off to a slightly late start as Members were quite happy to chat.  Brian said that it was just the 'dynamic duo' as our Secretary was off yet again on one of his River Cruises, but he had provided an agenda for the evening.

Thanks were given to Tim and Louise for the very enjoyable meal which they had arranged at the Hobnails.

The Club account was still solvent and Sue said that she had an apology to make regarding the 'caption contest' which should have been judged ready for the November meeting.  She had forgotten to do this but would judge it and the winner would be announced at the forthcoming Christmas Bash.

Brian had been given a list of forthcoming events by Laurence, the first of which was the
Sunday lunch on the 19th November organised by John at the Farmers Arms, Lower Apperley meet 12.30pm  for 1.00pm.  Dave and Liz have 43 Members to date for the Christmas Bash and the last date for booking and paying is the 31st November.  There will be music this year and Dave has said that he will be doing a 'Strictly Demonstration'.

As there will be no meeting in December, apart from the Christmas meal, Brian informed Members that at the  January meeting there will be a quiz on Gloucestershire organised by Steve,  with Sunday lunch on the 28th arranged by Laurence and Jane, venue and menu details will be on the website.

There will be a skittles evening at the Beacon Hotel Haresfield on the 7th February and Sue asked that  those interested put their names on the sheet that was to be passed around. 

Trev asked for volunteers to marshal at the 2018 Cotswold Caper, he already had 7 but 3 more were required.

The meeting was opened up for AOB and Rob said that he had two MGF Hardtops, one in silver and one black should anyone be interested.

At a previous meeting it was suggested that the website should be updated and Brian explained that this would only happen if Adrian was supplied with photographs and details of Members cars etc by the Members.  Adrian was however looking at one of the suggestions that had been made.

The Wessex MG Group had challenged us to a skittles match in the Swindon area and as there was no preference for a day Laurence will liaise with the Wessex Secretary to get a date set up and then put it to our Members.

Brian asked for volunteers to organise the last two outstanding evening runs and Rob and Myn offered to do the July with Dave and Liz taking on the August one.  Dave said that the run would probably be around his large garden, there would however be no b-b-q.

Paul Barnett has offered to give us another talk at the March meeting and Brian ran through the 9 subjects which Paul covers.  Members favoured the talk 'In defence of the Drift - A Gloster Boy Abroad'.

Brian asked for any other suggestions for meetings and Tony thought a return by the Ukulele Group would be good.

Mo  has been  buying the raffle prizes and taking Members money, with the help of Carol, for more years than I care to remember and has now decided to retire,  so Sue asked for someone to take this on.  Elspeth and Carol will now be in charge of the raffle as from the New Year.  Many thanks to Mo for all her years of dedication to the Club.

As there was no speaker/entertainment Teresa had quickly put together a quiz of 25 questions, with an M followed by a G in the answers.  This proved to be quite challenging and the winning team, a table of eight were presented with a bottle of wine which they donated to the Christmas Raffle.

Brian wished all Members not going to the meal an early Happy Xmas and would see everyone next year.




October 2017 Newsletter No 106 

Brian welcomed Members to the October meeting saying that we were a bit thin on the ground this month as various Members were away.   It looked as though there were more Members of Friends Uke-Nited, our entertainment for the evening, than MG Owners but on counting we just had the edge 31-23. 

Peter who was leading the Group in the absence of Terry wondered where all the MGs were but it was explained that they were wrapped up for the winter.  He said that they would be playing their ukuleles for about an hour and would start off with 'City of New Orleans'.  They also performed a George Formby medley and did a different variation on Status Quos 'Down Down' running together with another well know song which was brilliant.  There was audience participation and our Chairman was asked to join in with 'Jambalaya' shaking  a tambourine which was handed to him  by Kate.  There are hidden talents in our Chairman.

A different evening for our Members who thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by such an enthusiastic and happy bunch of people.  I think this is one group we will be having back in the future.

Mo and Carol went around with the raffle whilst Friends Uke-nited packed up their instruments and although we were short on numbers they did manage to acquire £32.00.

The meeting was re-convened and Brian said it was difficult to get something each month and made reference to having a repeat performance from the 'belly dancer' who we had some years ago.  He said that although our Secretary was cruising the high seas he still had time to do the agenda and other items which were to be reported on.  A welcome was given to Chris and Rosemary who had been Members for a little while but this was the first meeting they had been free to attend.  We hope that we will see more of them

Thanks were given to Andy Jarrett in his absence for the very enjoyable last evening run of the year and also to Keith and Wendy for another great run finishing with superb food at their home.  Hopefully it will be an annual event.

The Cotswold Airport Open Day at Kemble, which was their very first,  was a success and we even signed up a new Member, Robert Porter.  The event is to be held again next year and  Laurence has made a note of the date.  Tim saved on petrol on the way home as unfortunately he had car troubles and had to be recovered by the AA. 

It was time to vote on the Charity for 2018 and although July sounds a long way off  there is a lot or organising to do with raffle tickets etc.   Five had been put forward and Teresa refreshed Members memories of the Butterfly Garden from last year and Keith and Richard gave a short precise of why we should support their nominated Charities, The Family Haven and the Great Western Ambulance Service,  with Brian reading a report from Paul on Dogs for Good and Rob on Severn Freewheelers.  All very worthwhile Charities.    Brian did mention that one was a National Charity and we do tend to keep it local. 

A show of hands was requested for each Charity and together with those already voted for by email, as Members could not be present, the Great Western Ambulance Service won by two votes over The Butterfly Garden.

Club funds are still very healthy.

Brian then ran through the list of forthcoming events.  Sunday lunch on the 22nd October which is being organised by Tim and Louise at Ye Olde Hobnails and John, who had kindly offered to organise the November lunch on the 19th.  Details of which are on the web site.

Dave, who we hope is going to dress up as Santa on the 9th December, said that we had thirty-seven Members signed up for the Xmas Bash but there was still room for more.  He would be collecting the money at the November meeting.

The route for the 2018 Caper is well under way and it should be completed before Christmas.

Members were asked to suggest amendments to the website which would only work if there is an input from them.  We require photographs and details of their cars.

Wessex MG Group had suggested we meet up for a friendly skittles match in the new year and there was an enthusiastic response from Members.   Laurence, on his return, will liaise with the Secretary of the Wessex MG Group.

Brian asked for volunteers for the first three months of 2018 for Sunday lunches and also for the  Tuesday evening runs from April.  Gethin had already volunteered for April and Richard said he would organise the June run.  There were no takers for the lunches.

Sue informed Members that she had booked ten rooms at the Westhill Country Hotel in Jersey for five nights at the beginning of June,  seven of which had already been filled and asked if there were any other couples who would be interested.  The ten rooms have needless to say been filled.

As there was no other business Brian closed the meeting at 10pm.



September 2017 Newsletter No 105 


Brian welcomed Members to the meeting saying that September is on us and its' dark outside and someone will no doubt mention the 'C' word looking at Dave and Liz Carter.  He said that Liz Rowland of the The Willow Trust was at the meeting to receive the cheque from our Cotswold Caper efforts.  He mentioned for those who did not know that we had raised £6109.35 which was a superb effort from all those Club Members involved in donating raffle prizes, obtaining adverts and helping on the day not to mention outside support and the entrant.  He then handed the microphone to Liz who decided it was not necessary as long as our Members at the back of the room could hear and they replied that they could.   

Liz on a slightly serious note said that what we had done raising so much money for the Willow Trust was way beyond what she had expected.  She was quite overwhelmed and said that it costs £15.00 per person to spend a day on the Trust's boat and quickly worked out that 400 guests would benefit from our generous donation.  This is their 27th Season and during that time approximately 7000 people have had the pleasure of spending a day cruising on the canal from Saul Junction taking turns in the wheelhouse to steer the boat, obviously under the guidance of the Captain.

On finishing Liz said that we would all be welcome for a trip on the boat but would rather not have 170 cars turn up as there would be a problem with parking.

A large re-usable cheque had been purchased and Steve took photographs of Brian presenting this to Liz,  he also took a few group photographs which will go into 'Enjoying MG' with Laurence's Caper Report. 

Brian thanked Members for their patience whilst the photographs were being taken and said that Liz was incredibly pleased with what we had done.  It was thought that if the Mayor of Cirencester Nigel Robbins OBE, who had waved off the cars at the start, ever thought about a change of career this would be ideal for him.  He was extremely enthusiastic on the day and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Many thanks to him.

Thanks were given to Tony and John for their very good evening run, even the sun shone and also thanks to Steve for organising the Coffee and Classics event at Bibury, which was another enjoyable event even though a little damp.

Eight cars and their occupants attended the Llandudno run and Brian said it was the first time in four visits that he had seen Snowdon!

Members were informed that we would vote at the next meeting for the charity to be supported in 2018 and nominations were to be sent to Laurence before the end of September.

Club funds are still healthy and Membership is now 51 cars.

The last run of the year would be Andy Jarrett' on the 26th September meeting in  Asda car Park at Kingsway, full details are on the diary page.

Laurence said that so far there were eight cars going to the Cotswold Airport Open Day on the 30th September, the event runs from 9am till 9pm.   The Club gazebo would be provided for shelter and we would be meeting in Tetbury Tesco's car park,  details of this would also be on the diary page.

Keith and Wendy were sunning themselves in Spain, obviously relaxing before they entertain Club Members for their social event on the 1st October.  Members were reminded that there would be plenty of food but if alcohol was required then they should take their own.  They were also asked to bring along a raffle prize with the money raised going toward a charity.

The first premier Sunday lunch of the winter on the 22nd October is being organised by Tim, who says that we will be eating at the Hobnails, Tewskesbury.

Unfortunately Brian  had to mention the  'C' word as we have the Xmas dinner on the 9th December.  A speech from Dave was required which caused Members to applaud.  Dave confirmed that the dinner had been booked but it had gone up by a £1.00 on last year, he had 28 names so far.  Money in the form of cash would be required at the November meeting.  Family and friends would  be welcome.  Wrapped raffle prizes would also be appreciated to be brought along on the night.

As no-one offered to organise the November Sunday lunch which would have been very close to the Xmas Bash it was decided to scrub it.

Laurence gave advance notification of a run in August 2018 which was the Coast to Coast Morecombe to Scarborough.  He had received notification of this and it was proving very popular.

Trev gave the 2018 Caper update saying that it was still early days but Paul had put a lot of work into the route which had been tried and tested.  The start would be from Seasons which had been used previously and would take in the North Cotswolds.    He asked who would be willing to help with marshalling etc and he had one definite volunteer.

The Caption Contest winner was Marion with  'Jane is thinking "What? only three pints and a glass of red, is that it?" '

The MGOC are holding two seminars in October, one in Swavesey and one in Warwick with John Twist the MG expert showing how to tune an engine etc.  If anyone was interested in attending details were with Laurence.

Steve was happy to organise another Coffee and Classics run in 2018 and  as it proved a popular suggestion it was decided to attend on  Sunday 3rd June. 

Laurence explained that the web site had been causing problems and Adrian had said that it had been compromised.   Adrian thought the problem had now been solved  but Members were to let Laurence know if they experienced any further trouble and he would advise Adrian.  Apparently it was the home page that was causing the problem although Gethin said that if you went through 'Google' there was a message to say that it had been hacked.

Brian asked if there was AOB and one Member was concerned that the home page had not been changed in a long while.  The question was asked, was it possible to rotate different cars every 3-4 months and that way it would look as though we were an active Club.  Several other Members supported this request and Brian said  it would be looked into.

Steve said that he would provide a Gloucestershire Quiz for the January meeting and Gethin asked that he made it a little easier than last time as he was not local man.

Laurence asked Members to think about next year's programme and whether they had any suggestions for speakers.

Brian said that we had a birthday in the room and the person whose birthday it was was hiding his head.  It was not a special birthday as it didn't have a 0 but nevertheless we  sang Happy Birthday to Tony.  Someone suggested that we all formed an orderly queue and gave him the bumps.

It was time for Mo and Carol to relieve Members of their loose change for the raffle.  They did extremely well taking £40.00 for Club Funds. 



August 2017 Newsletter No 104 

Members were not sure what to expect of the evening when they entered the meeting room and saw four tables filled with various items from the home.  They thought that there was going to be an auction.  Laurence soon put their minds at rest when he introduced Virginia and David Adsett who were going to give us a presentation on 'Those were the days - the swinging 60s'. 

The 60s was a good decade and Virginia had lots of kitchen and home ware items which jogged the  memory with a most of our Members, there was a liberty bodice which was worn by children, flowered shirts, mini dresses and negligees.   She also had a good collection of comics, The Bunty which was for girls,  The Beezer and also the annuals which were given for Christmas presents.  And who can forget Green Shield Stamps!!

Virginia also mentioned various happenings in the 60s, the Assassination of Kennedy, Princess Margaret got married, Churchill died and of course in 1966 England won the World Cup..  There was also the moon landing and the investiture of Prince Charles. 

Laurence thanked Virginia and David for their presentation, it was a lovely nostalgic talk  presented with knowledge and light heartedness.   Mo circulated with the raffle whilst Members took the opportunity to chat and have a closer look at the items brought by 'those were the days'.

Laurence then reconvened the meeting saying that Brian was poorly and had apologised for not being with us, he also welcomed a new Member Allan Smith who had come prepared with his completed form and money. 

Pete and Derrick,  in their absence,  were thanked for organising the Teddy Bear's Picnic and for keeping the rain away when it mattered and Keith for the enjoyable evening run although a good majority of the Members got a little wet in the lead up to the run.

Funds are still good and we now have 50 paid up Members with 1 Life Member.  Sue said that a skittles evening had been booked for the 7th February 2018 at the Beacon Hotel Haresfield and names would be taken later in the year when a snack menu would be available.  She also asked whether anyone would be interested in going on an overseas trip (Jersey) in 2018 to which there was a good response.  

Tony and John have arranged good weather for their evening run on the 15th August which starts from Seven Springs lay by.  Several Members were going on the Snowdon run on Sunday 20th August with Geoff organising the hotel and 'eating houses' for the weekend.

There are quite a few things happening on the 3rd September, the Coffee and Classic Event at Bibury which is being organised by Steve and Marion.  On the first Sunday of every month during summer Martin Chisholm ex Sothebys allows interested parties to visit his impressive collection of cars and as we are all enthusiasts Steve thought this would be a lovely run out finishing with a lunch at a local hostelry.  The meeting place will be Beeches Car Park Cirencester, but advance booking is necessary. 

Tetbury Classic Car Show and Much Marcle Model Air Show are also on over this weekend.

The last evening run of the year will be on the 26th September with Andy Jarrett once again doing the organising. 

We had been contacted by Cotswold Airport at Kemble informing us of an event they are putting on on the 30th September to raise the awareness of AV8.  The theme will be  vintage/war era  which sounds as if it will be a fun packed day.  There will be a tour of the Control Tour, pleasure flights, trade stands to name just a few.

Keith has asked that those who are going to his and Wendy's social event on the 1st October meet at the Gala Club at 11am from where we will have a 43mile run as we did last year.  He asked that those attending bring along raffle prizes with the money raised going to a charity of our choice.

As no one volunteered  to arrange the November Sunday lunch Jane and Laurence said that they would.  I think they already have a place in mind.

The Caper organisation has already started and Laurence asked that Members thought about the 2018 Charity during the month bringing along suggestions to the September meeting for a decision in October.    It would be an advantage to have a Qualified First Aider whom we could call on should it be necessary at the Caper and both Myn and Richard said theirs was due for renewal during next year.  They both agreed that they would renew.

Jane is still waiting for price confirmation from the supplier of our t-shirts etc, but in the meantime she is still happy to take orders.

As there was no other business Laurence closed the meeting at 9.50pm.




July 2017 Newsletter No 103 


Sue welcomed Members to the meeting stating that Brian and Laurence had sent in their apologies for being absent but had received better offers for the evening!   So like Laurence some months ago Sue had been elevated to Chairman very quickly.

She said Rod Harrison the Chairman and Chief Observer of Gloucestershire Advanced Motorists would be giving his presentation before the business bits of the Club after which there would be a comfort break whilst the monthly 'swindle'  took place with the raffle being drawn at the end of the meeting. 

Sue was sure that all Members would have heard the very sad news that John Rose had passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning (8th) and that Janet, who has been a stalwart of the Cotswold Caper organising the 'pink ladies' and liaising with the printers and host venue had said that all Members would be very welcome at John's funeral service which would be held at Cheltenham Crematorium on Friday 28th July at 2.30pm.  She thought that John would appreciate Members bringing along their MGs.  A minutes silence was taken in memory of John and with thoughts for Janet.

Rod's presentation was very informative and I think we all learnt a few things.  Most accidents are driver error and in the period 2006-2015 the number of fatalities in Gloucestershire was 75 with 590 serious injuries.  Another interesting fact was 230 drivers are over 100 in the UK including 1 person aged 106 and 3 aged 105.  70,000 are over 90 and 1,049,058 are over 80.  Quite a frightening fact.  He asked how many Members had picked up a highway code in the last 5 years, only 3 hands went up.  The IAM was founded in 1974 and they have a Membership of 180 with 16 qualified Observers.  Rod spoke for approximately 40 minutes which gave Members a chance to ask questions for the last 10 minutes.

Steve gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the Club.

Laurence had provided Sue with an Agenda which looked frighteningly long!!

Club funds are very much in the black with Membership at 48 cars,  but as John Collins had been on one of the recent evening runs and had come along to the meeting he was persuaded to join making the number of cars 49.

Gethin was thanked for his June evening run which was a great antidote to the Caper and also thanks were given to Ken and Phil for their excellent run through the unknown parts of Herefordshire where Members were able to enjoy a cream tea at a quirky location.   Laurence thought that this might be an annual event.
We have been invited to five outside events.   On the 16th July Naunton are holding their Classic & Vintage Transport Show cost of which is £5.00 per vehicle to include a cup of tea/coffee, bacon sandwich and a programme and on the 21st July The Austin A30/A35 Owners Club Classic Car are gathering at Twyning Cricket Club.  Gloucester City are having their annual Classic & Retro Festival of Classic & Historic Cars on Saturday 26th August and during September there is a Vintage Picnic Concert at Highnam Court on the 10th with Swansea MG Club holding their Beacons Road Run on the 24th.  All information can be found on the web sites.

More importantly is our Teddy Bear's Picnic on Sunday 23rd July.  Pete reminded Members of the details and asked how many would be attending as he had to print out the tulip route from Crickley Hill Country Park, which he said was a beautiful place to start, to Minchinhampton.  He also thanked Members for their support in attending Sainsbury's where one half of the  baton for the Round Britain Rely of the MG Y Type was handed over to him.  Apparently this half had reached Warwick and the Northern half was on its' way to Sheffield.  They are due to be rejoined in the shape of a Y at Abingdon.

Keith's end of run restaurant on the 25th July had changed their menu, so he passed round a new menu for Members to reselect. 

Members who were attending the South Cerney Steam Fair on the 6th August were reminded to bring along their entry forms and to meet by 9.15am at the Beeches Road car park in Cirencester.

John and Tony's evening run on the 15th August was all organised and they had nothing to report.

Martin is our only Member attending the Tetbury Classic Car Show on the 3rd September.

A little in advance but on the 6th & 7th April Adrian has provisional booked the hotel for the annual Bournemouth weekend.  He would appreciate Members emailing him if they would like to go along so that he can firm up details with the hotel.

Steve and Marion had been to an airfield near Bibury where the owner sells classic cars and it's a place of great interest to owners of classic cars.  He is going to check on opening dates with a view to having a Sunday run out to Bibury, and of course lunch, sometime during September.  Watch this space.


A short report on the Cotswold Caper.  The number of entrants for the Caper was 175 with 163 turning up on the day.  The Caper Committee are looking for constructive comments on how the 2018 Caper can be improved (if at all) and any anecdotes for use in the article for 'Enjoying MG'.  Email constructive comments to Trev and anecdotes to Laurence.

Sue read out an email which had been received saying that the couple had very much enjoyed the Caper which was well organised, a good venue for start and finish and a well planned scenic route with clear instructions.  They asked that thanks were passed on to those involved.

There was also a communication from Liz Rowland of the Willow Trust stating 'what an amazingly impressive day it was.  To them it looked like it all happened without a hitch and even though there was a change at the 11th hour nobody would have known.  They loved being part of the morning departure and thought that Mr Mayor did an amazing job with the flag.  Happy memories of a happy morning'.

Trev, on behalf of the Caper Committee, Laurence, Paul, Brian, Teresa, Tim, Adrian, himself and of course Janet thanked all Club Members, i.e. the 'pink ladies' and marshals who made the 2017 Caper such a success.

He gave special thanks to Graham who stood in at the last minute after the late cancellation of one of our Members due to illness.  This got him out of a sticky situation.

Members were reminded that if they wished to sell their MGs through the Club website they should go to the 'for sale' page - it is free for Members but the general public will have to pay £10.00 for 4 months which helps with the cost of the website.

The winner of the Caption Contest was Martin with his quote 'when Adrian voted for Brexit he didn't realise they'd go this far'.  Well done Martin.

The meeting ended and Mo drew the raffle.  She and Carol are doing a grand job another £40.00 going into Club funds.




June 2017 Newsletter No 102

Due to an event taking place (an election possibly?), we had a change of meeting room at the GALA Club, to a more intimate room that didn't require the use of the PA System.

Brian welcomed Members to the meeting including two prospective new members - Andrew Regis, who informed us he has a 53 TD, and Dave Cook who looks after a friends MGs, including a 67 MGB GT.

Thanks were given to Steve Wood for organising the recent successful trip to Llanerchindda again. This is the clubs 3rd visit and the 4th in 2 years time is already booked!

Also, thanks went to Geoff Wakefield for organising the evening run in May, which had an entry of 22 cars.

Although our treasurer Sue was away in France, she had sent through a message to say that the club was still solvent and only a few members have still to renew their membership.

Laurence had quite a few announcements to make, covering events internal as well as external.

First was new club member John Fishers MGB 50th birthday, which he was celebrating with a birthday party on Friday 9th June and invited members to come along and help him celebrate.

Next, was the Y Type Register Relay event to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of MG Y Type the baton will be passed over to Pete Vielvoye on Wednesday 14th June at 12 0clock at Sainsburys Quays Car Park. All are welcome to come along and be part of the photoshoot.

Gethin gave details of his run on 27th June, starting from Seven Springs layby, with first cars away from 6.30pm, finishing at Burford.

The visit to Thatchers Cider is on Saturday 8th July. Laurence said that the cost of a coach for the number going would be too expensive, so everyone will have to make their own way there or possibly share transport.

This is followed by Ken Coyles Hereford run on Sunday 9th July. Ken explained that the meeting point will be in Ross-on-Wye and everyone should arrive by 10.00am for a 10.30 start. The run will be 95 miles going into Wales and returning to the starting point, so it is important to have a full tank prior to departure. There is the option of an afternoon cream tea, which has proved very popular.

Keith Lewis's evening run on Tuesday 25th July will be starting from a layby on the A38 South of the Cross Keys roundabout.

Tony Child gave us some more information about the Fete at Aldsworth on Saturday 1st July, taking place from 2-5pm. For more details ring Tony.

Anyone wishing to go to the Tetbury Classic Car Show should log onto their website to get an entry form or get more details.

There is a Vintage Picnic Concert at Highnam Court on Sunday 10th September in aid of LINC (Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund), where they would like to see a display of MG Cars.

The Caper is not far away now and we have 164 entries to date, with a limit of 180. £400 has been raised so far from advance raffle ticket sales, so thanks were given to all who had donated raffle prizes and sold tickets.

Laurence had a few AOB items, including an appeal by Gloucester Archives for photos or other material relating to vehicles registered in Gloucestershire between 1904 and 1913.

Ken Coyle has produced for us a Club Business Card that we can hand out at events to people who are interested in the club many thanks to Ken for this initiative.

At this point it was time for a break and to sell raffle tickets and carry out the draw for the prizes.

This was followed by a General Knowledge Quiz run by Myn that taxed everyones brains, with questions ranging from musicals and steam engines to geography and Harry Potter. The result was a 3-way tie for first place and the eventual winners were Terry & Liz who answered the tie-break first. Congratulations to them!

With thanks to Jane for taking copious notes!


May 2017 Newsletter No 101 


Laurence welcomed Members to the May meeting which was his first one as Secretary, being elected in his absence at the AGM.   There was genuine applause.  He said that he knew there would be hecklers and it was interesting that he went away as an Assistant Secretary, was elected Secretary and now he was acting as Chairman as Brian was on holiday, the fastest promotion he had ever experienced.

There would be no formal reports apart from thanking Myn and Rob for their run  in April which was the start of the new season.

Sue reported that we were solvent and had 43 paid up Members with 2 more to pay in June.  For the older Members of the Club i.e. old in Membership not years, Sue said that Janet & David Glew & David & Janet Wood would not be renewing this year as both couples had other commitments.  They had been Members for at least 13 years.

Laurence reminded Members that Geoff's evening run was on the 23rd May starting from Prinknash Abbey car park at 6pm and that Gethin's 'Cotswold Canter' would start from Seven Springs at 6.30pm on the 27th June.   Both circulated their menus for Members to sign up.

Steve had sent details of the meeting point and route to all those on the away weekend to Llanerchindda and the only thing he had to report was that there were  3 rooms still available should anyone wish to join the group.

There were 15 Members going on the visit to Thatcher's Cider Distillery and Laurence would look into hiring a coach for the day on the 8th July.  The following day,  9th July, Ken has organised a 95mile run which would take in parts of hidden Hereford and the Welsh Borders.  There would be cafes and pubs on the way but if Members wished they could take a picnic lunch and partake of a cream tea at the end of the run.

The June meeting would be the last opportunity for Members to donate prizes for the Cotswold Caper raffle.  The trial run had taken place in really good weather so it was hoped that the actual day would be similar.

St Roses Wheel Nuts had been on the same day as the Caper Trial Run and Geoff had organised the erection of the gazebo, he reported that it had been a good day with very nice cakes.

Laurence would need details of all those attending the South Cerney Steam Show on the 6th August by the end of May as the organisers of the show required this information very early.

A few Members were going on the Moor to Sea Run on the 28th May and there was only one person who showed an interest in the Balloon Fiesta & Classic Car Show at Cotswold Airport Kemble on the 20th May.

We have an invitation to attend the Vintage Picnic Concert at Highnam Court on the 20th September which is being organised as a fund raising event for LINK.  Should anyone be interested then Laurence has the details.

Pete said that there would be a Round Britain Relay celebrating 70 years of the MG Y Type starting in London on the 3rd June and finishing at Abingdon on the 30th July.  The baton is made up of two parts in the shape of a Y.  One half will go North and the other South meeting at Abingdon where they will be rejoined.  The Baton will be handed over to Pete at Sainsbury's the Quays Gloucester on 14th June and will be taken to Caerphilly for the next change over on the 20th June. 

Jane said that as the clothing varies in sizes to normal she had some samples for members to try before deciding on their size.

The caption winner was Brian with 'Carol's crossword scared everyone away'.  He will be presented with a bottle of wine when he returns from his travels.

With the business of the evening over, and with no quiz or entertainment  Laurence suggested we had the raffle, recharged our glasses and did a little bit of socialising.


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