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Past Events

As a club we like to have quite a few events which allow us all to get together.  We believe that that by having these social events we become stronger as a club.  That is why we try to maintain a full and varied list of events through the year.  It helps us to bind together by meeting in these social gatherings.  For details of prior events please see below.

For details of our current program of events you should go to to our Diary Page

By Date



27th January

17th February

24th March

28th March

29th March











28th January

7th February


6th April

24th April

26th April

29th April



Jersey June

July 19th

July 24th

August 5th

August 6th

August 14th

September 18th

September 23rd

September 24th

October 4th

October 21st

November 19th

December 8th


22nd January


19th March

25th April

7th May

23rd May

26th May

14th June

27th June

8th July 9th July 23rd July 25th July

6th August
15th August

3rd September

30th September

1st October

27th October

19th November

10th December


January 24th

February 21st

March 20th

April 1st
April 24th

April 26th

May 25th

June 28th

July 3rd

July 24th

July 26th

August 7th

August 31st

September 25th

October 2nd

October 16th


December 10th


January 25th

February 25th

March 22nd
March 28th

April 16th April 26th April 28th

May 22nd

May 26th

June 23rd

July 5th July 19th

August 2nd

September 6th

September 17th September 29th

October 25th

november 15th

december 1st

December 12th


January 26th

February 20th February 23rd

March 23rd

1st April

22nd April

27th April

24th May

22nd June

24th June

July 20th

July 22nd

3rd August

10th August

17th August

24th August

26th August

7th Sept

14th Sept

17th Sept

20th Sept

21st Sept

23rd Sept

26th October

5th November

23rd November

13th December


January 24th

January 27th


March 24th

April 6th

April 21st

April 23rd

April 28th

May 21st

May 28th

June 2nd

June 25th

July 21st July 23rd
July 28th

August 4th
August 9th
August 23rd
August 25th

September 4th
September 8th September 13th

October 6th
October 27th

November 15th
November 24th



January 22nd

February 26th

March 25th

April 10th

May 20th


June 10th

June 26th

July 1st

July 15th

September 7th September 25th

October 28th


November 29th

December 8th


January 23rd

February 15th

February 27th

March 27th April 10th

April 26th

May 8th

May 24th

June 19th


July 17th

July 24th

July 26th


August 14th

August 18th

August 23rd

September 16th

September 27th

October 2nd

October 15th

November 5th

November 27th

December 10th

January 17th

January 24th


February 28th

March 28th

April 8th

April 18th

April 27th

May 9th

May 16th

May 25th

June 20th

June 22nd

July 18th

July 27th

August 1st

August 5th

August 15th

August 24th

September 2nd

Ireland 2010

October November December 

June 15

June 24

June 29

June 29

July 1

July 13

July 20

Jul 27

Jul 29


By Subject

Jan & Gethins 2019 Sunday Lunch

2019 Oncology Visit  Police Horse Unit visit
Christmas 2018  January 2019 Sunday Lunch

Steve and Marion 2019 meal 

2018 Brecon Beacons Run

October 2018 Meal  Tim and Lous Badger meal


Andy Jarretts 2018 Run 

Social Get together 2018

Skittles v Wessex 2018 

South Cerney 2018

Rob & Myn 2018 Run  Dave & Liz Carters 2018 Run 

Jersey June 2018 

Gethins Re run July 2018

Willow Trust Cream Tea Cruise

Skittles with Wessex MG  St Roses 2018 

Coffee & Classics June 2018

Bournemouth 2018 

Gethins Opener 2018 

Christmas meal 2017  

January 2018 Crown Meal

Skittles February2018 
Cotswold Airport Open Day


Tim & Lou's October 2017 meal 

John Child Meal November 
South Cerney 2017  John & Tony's run 2017  Coffee & Classics  
Ken and Phil's Hereford Run  Teddy Bears Picnic 2017  Keith and Wendys 2017 run 
MG Y Type Anniversary  Gethins Cotswold Canter 2017  Laurence's Cider Tour 
Llanerchindda 2017

St Roses 2017  May 2017 run

Sue and Trevs January 2016 meal

Geoff Bartletts meal 2017

Rob and Myns April run 2017

Gethins 2016 Abingdon trip  Keith and Wendy social event 2016

2016 Christmas meal 

South Cerney 2016 Brian and Teresa 2016 run  Purton Hulks 2016 

Cotswold Caper 2016

Teddy Bears Picnic 2016 

John & Tony 2016 run 

Geoff and Mandy Run 2016 Terry and Liz run 2016

Keiths 2016 run 

Tim & Lous March meal 2016  2016, Second Bournemouth gathering St Roses 2016 

Christmas dinner 2015  

Les and Carol 2016 meal  

Laurence and Jane meal Clothiers

Sue and Trevs October meal  Brian & Teresa 2015 meal  Prague 2015 
Tetbury 2015 France 2015  Andy Jarretts first run 

Cotswold Caper 2015

Teddy Bears Picnic 2015   South Cerney 2015
Llanerchindda 2015 

Mike Pollocks 2015 run 

Eddy and Dianas 2015 run 
Sue and Trevs skittles 2015  Wheelnuts 2015 Geoff and Mandys run 2015 
Laurence & Jane meal 2015

Eddy and Dianas lunch 2015

Bournemouth 2015
Opening of Alabare House Christmas meal 2014 Sue and Trevs January meal 2014
Eddy and Diana run 2014 Tim and Louise meal 2014 Rita and Adrian Meal at the Lamb 2014
BMH tour

Hook Norton Brewery Trip

Sudeley Castle 2014

Keiths Forest run 2014 

Tetbury Car Show 2014 Tony and Janes Fish and Chip Cruise
Pendine Dash 2014  Snowdon Run 2014

Pershore Plum festival 2014 

Fourth Teddy Bears Picnic Terry and Liz Run 2014  South Cerney 2014
Brian and Teresas 2014 run Gethins 2014 Bus Museum Trip Richard Wards 2014 run

Gethins BMW trip 2014

Geoff and Mandy 2014 run St Roses 2014
Skittles v A35 club Eddy and Dianas meal 2014

Tim and Lou's meal march 2014

Crown Lunch 2013 Christmas Meal 2013 Laurence & Jame meal 2014
Cosford 2013 Fostons Ash meal 2013 Abbey Cwm Hir 2013
Morgan Motors trip

Tetbury Car show 2013

Isle of Wight 2013
Haynes Motor Museum 2013  Motor Museum 2013   Tonys Up and Down Rally 2013
Liz and Terrys First run MGs in the Forest 2013 South Cerney Steam Fair 2013
Richard Wards 2013 run New Forest Run 2013 Teddy Bears Picnic 2013
St Roses 2013

Llanerchindda Farm

Eddy and Dianas First run

Wadworths trip 2013 Signpost Rally

Geoff and Mandys First run

MG Factory trip 2013 Eddie and Dianas lunch John and Mo's Lunch 2013
SS Great Britain 2012 Prague 2012 Christmas do 2012
Cotswold Caper 2012 Isle of Wight 2012 Mike Pollocks 2012 run
Llandudno 2012 Best of British Airshow 2012 Richard Wards 2012 run
Laurence and Janes 2012 Run Steam Extravaganza 2012

Pendine Dash 2012
Pig Roast 2012

Teddy Bears Picnic 2012  Richard Wards Run
Sue and Trevs Run 2012 USA trip 2012 Exeter Moor to Sea 2012
Philip and Lionels run St Roses 2012 Mike Ps Run 2012
Sunday lunch at the Ship 2012 Sunday at the Dog & Muffler 2012

Coleford Festival of Transport 2005

November 2011 Sunday lunch

2011 Christmas party Weston Cider visit Jan 2012

Rob and Julias first run Midsummer Murders 2011 Abby Cwm Hir

Richard and Jills first run

Signpost Rally 2011 Jersey 2011
Mike and Mandas first run Rita and Adrians 2011 Treasure Hunt Wales Trip 2011
Kemble 2011

First Teddy Bears Picnic Shelsley Walsh 2011
Tims and Lou's first run in 2011 St Roses May 2011

Gethin and Jans First Run

Lamb at Eastcombe 2011 Lunch in the Forest Mar 2011 MGB Register run 2011
Ireland 2010 Chris and Betty Sunday lunch CCCC Skittles match 2011
Chris' Signpost Rally Brian and Teresa 2010 Steves Second Run
Chris and Bettys second run Welsh Trip 2010 Bletchley 2010
Kemble 2010

Rita and Adrian run jun 2010

Black Country Museum 2010

St Roses May 9th 2010

Dragon Run 2010 Forest of Dean Run

Lord lieutentants visit

MGB Register Run 2010

April 27th Evening Run

Xmas 2009

Prague Xmas markets

January 24th Lunch
Kemble 2009 Isle of Man Thames run
Bovington Tank Museum

Kemble Steam Rally Wales 2009 Trip
Helicopter Museum Gliding Brewery trip
Bourton Picnic Skittles 2008 Wales 2008
Clay Pidgeon Shooting Exeter Run Highnam Court
A Jersey Surprise Silverstone 2004 Does Your MG deserve to be driven
Rococo Run 17th July 2005 St Roses Wheel Nuts 2005 And 2006 John Childs run 2005
June 2006 Pub Run and Summer Barbecue April 2006 (a really special treat) 23rd August 2005 Pub Run
13th August 2006 Pendine Dash August 2006 Wroughton Classic Car Show 16th July 2006 a Welsh Jaunt
Cotswold Caper 2006 Mike and Andys Run 2006 Ireland 2006
Hereford Mountains and Valleys run An unforgettable Evening run MG v Triumph Skittles
Forest of Dean Run 28th August 2007 Jersey 2007 Kemble Air Day 2007
Autumn Leaves Nov 2007 MSA Norwich Union Classic 25th September 2007
Steves First Run Sunday Lunch February 2008 Christmas Party 2007
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