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Within the club we have a wide range of vehicles dating from the thirties right up to present day.  This page is dedicated to showcasing the members cars and their stories. 

Should you wish to publicize your car please Email me. 


David's MGB "Maddy"

Rita's Rosie

Trevor's Collection

Steve's MGA

Pete's YT

Pete's YB

Geoffs TF

Daz's Roadster

Gethins MGTF

Laurence and Jane MGF

Brians MG Collection



Adrian's Car- Merryl
merrylBack in the sixties I was a young lad with hair.  At that time I used to see all these wonderful cars going about town.  As I was at school I knew I could not afford these wonderful vehicles.  However, in July 2004  a friend in work had an MGB for sale and I convinced my wife to have a test drive.  Well, she liked the make and model but not the colour of the one we drove.  We decided we would look around and see what was on offer.  Just browsing around I thought I would try and see if there was anything on Ebay.  We saw our car there and decided to see what it was like in the flesh.  So we drove up to Birmingham to have a test drive.  What else can we say.  It was love at first sight.  We decided we would buy it but were aware we did not have any knowledge about buying cars.  Still, he looked honest.  The owner told us that he purchased the car without his wife knowing, he then spent time and money doing the car up at work.  When it was ready he bought it home to his wife.  Amazingly neither she nor her children liked the car as it was bright yellow. 
merryl2Their loss, our gain. We paid the money and took her home. Our garage had never seen a car inside it but we had to clear it to allow her to be put away in dry comfort. The next problem was what to call her. We decided on the name Merryl, we called her that because she is Streeps ahead of the rest.
David's MGB "Maddy"

She's called Madeline, or Maddy for short!

First registered in May 1974 and I am the fifth owner. The first owner kept her for 20 years and covered just 30k miles!  She has a full 34 year documented history and details all the previous owners.

She is totally original, right down to the LW/MW radio, which still works very well!

She had major restoration work done in 1998 in all the usual areas, the previous owners having spent about £4k in total.  We hope to do more in 2008. Mechanically, there is no evidence of any major work having been done on the engine, gearbox or transmission. But this year the engine was fitted with a proper unleaded head, thus improving performance and economy.  Again we shall be thinking of more work in 2008.  The indicated mileage is 72.5k, although the odometer has a recurring fault which means the mileage is more like 80k.  About 6k of the mileage is mine in the 3.1/2 years of ownership.

Overall, she has become part of the family, we would be lost without her! 

Rita's MGZR "Rosie"

I have owned a few MGs in my time from my MGF VVC - Alf. He was a great car but unfortunately pumped his lasy drop of oil on the drive. He now resides in pieces in Twigworth Breakers but he still is in my memory. You can see him below.


After moving to Bournemouth nearer the grandchildren we needed a four seater and were lucky enough to be there when Gethin decided to upgrade a new car. We have rechristened her as "Rosie" and she is now a firm favourite with the grandchildren. You can see her below

She is an MG ZR120 Stepspeed, originally registered on 21st December 2004 to the Motobility Scheme. When BMW sold MG Rover to Phoenix the Steptronic name was retained by BMW and MG/Rover renamed it Stepspeed, the gearbox whatever the name is a ZF German built gearbox and still used by MINI. She has had the usual head gasket change and a rebuilt gearbox.




The Panter Collection


His, Hers and Ours
Ours -  1967 MGB Roadster restored in the early 90s.  Completed 33,000 miles sinc,e mostly with the Club. 
Hers -  MGF VVC 1997 purchased on the spur of the moment, it is the ex Mike Pollock car.  Looking forward to spending the summer months going topless.
His - MGZS 180 2004  gradually being brought up to a good standard, now ready for the road.


Steve's MGA

Steve’s MGA (1960, 1600 Mk1 Roadster)


steve1I had been hankering after an MGA for at least 20 years and I finally had the opportunity to buy this lovely example almost two years ago. I just think it such a pretty little car. The lack of door handles accentuates its uncluttered lines; almost as if it had been sketched on the back of an envelope. It always manages to catch people’s eye and draws favourable comments wherever I go.

Marion and I call the car Poppy because it is red on the outside with a black interior!



steve2The car was re-imported from the United States in 2000 and it then underwent a full, ground up, nut and bolt restoration that took two years. I am the third owner since then and Marion and I intend to fully enjoy our ownership for many years to come.

The photographs were taken professionally for an article on MGAs that appeared in the Practical Classic magazine in September 2008.


Pete's YT

Having spent my student years in the early sixties driving dodgy old bangers my entry into the world of work was heralded by the purchase of a pretty little black saloon MG Y type. She was a great car and served me well for a couple of years until I was eventually attracted by the modern lines of a smart MG ZA. Unfortunately this luxury was soon halted when the family started to expand and economy took over in the form of Mini Van.

Some thirty years later my son who had so abruptly brought my MG ownership to a halt, bought me a birthday present in the form of a book entitled “MG Britain’s Favourite Sports Car” and there she was the pretty little black saloon in a whole chapter on Y types but what I had never seen before was a photo of an even prettier soft top version called the Y Tourer. The book immediately re-kindled my affection for the marque and I started looking for a Y type. Having inspected a couple of ropey saloons I was excited by an advert in Classic Car for a very rare YT and although I couldn’t afford the much higher price I just had to go and have a look at her. The dealer who had just re-imported the car from Australia just tossed me the keys and said “Take her for a run”.   I drove off, all the old memories came flooding back and with the wind in my hair I immediately fell in love with her. The dealer could see the look in my eye, he knew he had me and I was soon signing a cheque for the full amount.

Nine years on and the love affair grows stronger having pampered her with a stainless steel exhaust, new water pump, spot lights and badges, new control box, re-wound dynamo, a heater, a lead free head, new carpets, a speedometer restoration, and most recently a new set of tyres. I look forward to many more happy MG motoring years. 


Petes YB





Ever since buying my YT in 2001 and joining the MGCC I had known of the whereabouts of the YB I owned back in the 60, I had contacted the owner and asked for first refusal should he ever want to sell it, so in 2013 when it when the offer came it was a no brainer even though I had to build a garage extension.






She came with the body and mechanics restored. The bodywork had been re-sprayed Connaught  Green and the engine up rated with twin carbs. The interior was in the original state that I remember minus half its roof lining and plus a few rips in the seats but that old car leather smell was just the same. I have since restored, fitting a new roof lining and full leather trim. The woodwork and dash were all pretty good and only needed some TLC. Nostalgically I dug out quite a bit of the confetti that had been liberally stuffed into every corner at my wedding in 67.





She is now back on the road and made her first trip out on new years day to the CCCC meet. With 4 heavyweights aboard she flew up Crickly hill in third, better than the YT has ever done.  








Geoffs MGF



In April 2011 I decided to get shot of the enduro bike ( it was  falling off across Salisbury plain that did it!)





I already had a MG ZT 260 V8 but the fuel consumption was around the 20 mark! plus the children were getting older which meant we could go ‘Darby and Joan‘ so the decision was made to get a MG TF for some roof down motoring ! The problem was getting a decent one, I looked at quite a few but none lived up to their description
so I rang John Wilcox at AE Wilcox in Wickwar who has been a Rover Mg dealer since 1936


Luckily he had one just come in, It needed new discs & pads , the wheels needed refurbishing and a good clean and polish was in order, we did a deal and to get it at the best price I did all the work my self to get it in pristine condition plus a few extras like new comfort ride dampers, braided hoses wind stop, push button start, x power exhaust, Sport cat, Taipan air box  & electric boot release etc etc


The car had low miles at 33000 and is rare to have the oxford tan leather in Metallic black
to date its now up to 41K and only used weekends , a real hoot to drive and returns 40 mpg !!


Daz's Roadster

















Jan & Gethin's 1999 MGF 120 Steptronic


Having bought a 2006 car to replace LOB Jan just could not bring herself to part with her and the 2006 TF has now been sold.


Built in September 1999 LOB was first registered to MG/Rover and was one of only 19 cars registered in 1999.






She was the personal car of a young lob BMW lawyer working in the MG/Rover group and was based at Gaydon where the car was regularly monitored by the R & D department.
I located the lawyer now a BMW director and he sent me copies of all the original paperwork and commented that he had "fond memories of his little MG"
Jan and Gethin have had her for 4 years and hope to have her for many years more.  



MRP408 F ----  HISTORY

After thinking about it for ages and soon coming up for Retirement, I finally decided to purchase the MGB Roadster  that was for Sale in a Stroud garage in 1997.   The feature that caught my eye was the excellent condition of the  bodywork; it having been restored locally and with Photos and Receipts for the work and parts available -- mechanically I was hesitant about – it even stopped on the Test run !!

It soon came apparent that major surgery was necessary with the blue clouds of smoke following me everywhere.   Not having much space to work in (integral garage) I persuaded a local motor engineering company to bore the block in-situ in the car, supply all required replacement parts and convert the head to unleaded. The biggest problem for me, was removing all the swarf  from the block.  To date after 54,000 miles it still only uses a pint of oil per 800 miles.
In the 18  years that I have owned the car, my first thoughts about the Mechanical aspects have proven correct-- even allowing for normal wear and tear and my driving techniques, I have also  replaced or updated the following :-  
Stainless Steel Exhaust – Timing Chain – Fuel Pump – Shock Absorbers –  Dynamo – Electric fan  –  Prop Shaft -- Gearbox --  Clutch --  Rear Axle – Braided Brake hoses -- Crankshaft reground – Front Suspension overhauled – Tyres ---  12v Battery – Radiator recored.


With the above work and including  the servicing requirements, I think I can confirm the malicious rumour that owning a MGB is  costly and time consuming but very satisfying especially when you take it for a run and not return home on the Break-down lorry.   

John  Child   Jan 2016                      

PS. I think a couple of body panels need respraying  !!!!                                                                                                          

Laurence & Jane's MGF
Back on early 2002, Jane & I were getting to the time in our life where we wanted something 'a bit different'. The girls had flown the nest, so we had more time (and money!) to spend on ourselves.


We thought an MGF might fit the bill, but didn't really know where to start looking. As luck would have it, a lady at the School where Jane worked mentioned to her that she was thinking of selling her MGF! We needed no second asking. We went round and took it out for a test drive and that was it – we were hooked!


So at the end of January she was ours – and we have had big grins on our faces ever since whenever  we drive it (her).


She was registered in February 1996 and is a 1.8 petrol 5 speed manual model.

We have added a few extras. The high level brake light wasn't fitted as it was an optional extra, so that went in. Then we got the obligatory wind stop, which made quite a difference to that 'windswept' look. We've also added door pockets and heated windscreen washers and bought a hard top.

When we first got her, she was a working car as we were both at work and needed transport, hence the reason for buying the hard top. That soon changed however and the F is now only there for 'pleasure' and we haven't used the hard top since.

It is thanks to our F that Adrian, Tim and Steve are the fine figures of men they are today. We had a bit of an intermittent starting problem that took some time to trace. The effect was as if the battery was flat, which meant of course that it needed a bump start. That's where Adrian, Tim & Steve came in use on the trip to Llandrindod Wells for the visit to Abbey-Cwm-Hir. They had plenty of chances to develop their physique on that trip giving us a push! The problem was eventually solved by Trev's superior detective skills, who discovered the supposedly new starter motor had a faulty solenoid!

Hopefully we won't have any more problems like that and will have many more years of enjoyable 'top-down' motoring

Brians MG Collection

My white MGB was bought by me in 1998 from a neighbour who had very rarely driven her for the 10 years he had owned her.

First registered 19th October 1977 and supplied by Wicliffe Motor Co Ltd, Mercia Road Gloucester. She has had five owners since new.

Much of the car is original including the engine and gearbox. She only clocked up 50,000 miles in the summer of 2016.

Original colour is Glacier White and she was resprayed the same in 2015. Inside she still has the original ‘Deckchair’ striped seat fabric which was used from 1976.

She is fun to drive and has been all over England & Wales as well as Ireland, Jersey, the Isle of Man and many forays into France.

The MG GS Exclusive was bought in September 2016. It is very spacious, drives well and has lots of goodies included as standard. The 1.5 litre turbo charged petrol engine produces 164 bhp to the front wheels.

I have for some time wanted to return to driving a SUV. At present (Nov 2016) it is very new and going well - time will tell if it was a good choice…





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