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Cotswold Caper

Our 8th Annual run

30th June 2013


Caper Report by our Special Correspondant whose birthday it was!

I must say that arriving at Stow Rugby Club at 0800 hrs.for the start of the Cotswold Caper was not quite the way I would have chosen to celebrate my birthday but at least there were plenty of friends there to start the day well.  We had some very prompt arrivals for registration too, ‘Bo’sun’ and ‘Q’ and their humans were first in, about 2 minutes after the doors opened, so to speak.  Several more dogs brought their owners, which is always nice. Arrivals were a little slow at first but then resembled the oysters in the Walrus and the Carpenter;
“ and thick and fast they came at last
 and more and more and more”  

There were  MGs of all ages and colours and an exotic interloper in the shape of an AC Ace…but we are not narrow-minded so they were made welcome too.  So were the familiar faces of previous Caper entrants, really nice to see people coming back because they enjoyed the last one.  Eventually we counted them all in and then counted them all out again, to coin a phrase, after which the workers bundled up their trappings and zoomed off to the Cotswold Farm Park.  Unfortunately not quite all the trappings were removed, as we discovered when we got to the other end and found that several portions of the gazebo had been left behind.  This is not the easiest thing in the world to erect, even on a good day……..Never mind, our technical wizards coped.  By this time the weather was improving rapidly and it was decided that, as most of us felt that it must be at least halfway through the afternoon by now, lunch must be the next item on the agenda.  Those on the Caper who stopped for lunch at Batsford Arboretum were treated to a fly-past by the Red Arrows, which also skimmed past the Farm Park at a distance but were still just visible.  (Anything we can do to make your day ……)


Eventually Caperites began to trickle in and then arrive in a fairly steady flow, with most of the canine navigators still in fairly good spirits.   The general opinion was that it had been a great day, a lovely run, the instructions had been excellent and it had all been very well organised.  One of our Northern entrants said it was the best organised run he had ever been on, this compliment was much appreciated since it is well known that northerners are sparing with their encomiums.  There were very few mishaps, some unlucky driver managed to lock his car keys into the boot of his car (see, that’s the trouble with these newfangled modern versions, with a proper MG the boot is manually operated) while another had slight problems with overheating brakes but nothing that skilful manipulations of the handbrake couldn’t cure.    Otherwise the response from everyone I chatted to was extremely favourable and I think I caught about 80% of those returning..  Nearly all the raffle prizes had been claimed by the end of the day, which is great because then we don’t have to take them home again, and the winner of the super vacuum cleaner was delighted because it was his wife’s birthday and that solved any present problem.  We also provided a life-changing experience for another Caperer who actually won something for the first time in all his 61 years and went away delighted, with a box of biscuits!! ‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’…. so he’s coming back next year to see if his luck holds.

All in all, it would seem to have been a most successful day and great credit is due to all those who worked so hard to make it so.  There is no denying that lovely weather and the Cotswolds scenery make a winning combination but a lot of work went on behind the scenes to ensure that everyone had a really enjoyable day.  Since this seems to have been the case Club members are very pleased to have succeeded in their aim.

Lynn Stephens



Thanks to all who came from all over the country to make this social event such a success. Also, many thanks to all those who worked toward this goal. A special thanks to John Rose and his committee whose tireless work enabled this success to happen






Thanks to all the hard work we have managed to raise just a tad over £4500 for our nominated charity, the James Hopkins Trust


Our pictures from the day can be seen at Here


Finally, in October the cheque we handed over for the sum of £4505.50.

Thanks to all who contributed in any way towards this magnificent total


Some of our feedback

When we met you this afternoon you asked for feedback on todays run, so without being long-winded here goes:

Although having been on MG runs for some 15 years, today was a first for the Caper. What have I missed !!

Entries and acknowledgements were easy, and prompt. The start venue was easy to find, marshalling direct, and breakfast most welcome. Signing on was quick and friendly, and I was even persuaded to by some raffle tickets ( probably enough said on that subject!!!!!!!!!).

With good weather ordered the first half of the route was varied and challenging in places, and it just goes to prove you shouldn't blindly follow the car in front.

Batsford was a good choice for a halfway stop, and the second half of the route again varied and using beautiful country lanes passing through picturesque villages.

The tulip route was well presented and easy to follow, although my trip was nearly 1' out on the first half, but recovered to about 0.4' for the second ( and no we didn't go wrong), but the descriptions of the junctions more than made up for the discrepancy.

The route was well thought out and avoided main roads almost totally, a criticism of other Groups runs I have done, and the lanes were mostly traffic free.

The finish at the Cotswold Farm park was again well marshalled, and a very friendly welcome awaited us, which is really nice when we are a single entry, not part of a group.

All in all a very enjoyable day our thanks to all involved, and work permitting we will be there next year ( probably banned from the raffle mind !!).

Kind regards

Phil & Kathryn Shayler
Just a quick note to say thank you for great day on the 2013 Cotswold Caper
Tremendously good fun, fine weather, stunning countryside and great company.
The organisation of the event was superb and as first timers, my co pilot and I felt very welcome
Many thanks
Kind regards
Andy W number 134

Thank you for staying up late to edit the photos and send the link.

We did indeed have a great time yesterday.  Everything was very well organised and the mileages on the route were very accurate.  The route seemed to take us through every village in the Cotswolds - some we knew and some we hadn't seen before.

I would be interested to know how many cars took part in the Caper but when I checked the list at the end of the route book I found that I was listed 3 times!

Our thanks go to everyone involved in making the Cotswold Caper a huge success.

Best wishes,

Colin & Anne Jones


Many thanks for your mail and the photo’s.
Could I offer my many thanks and congratulations to you and all your club for another great Cotswold Caper success. It was a wonderful day and was thoroughly enjoyed by myself and the other members of the Oxfordshire MGOC who entered in the festivities.
Kindest regards.
Events Secretary
Thanks Adrian, absolutely great run and a big thank you to you and Steve for a fabulous route and enjoyed the chat (and banter!) at the end in Adam's farm. Apart from a few "constructive" comments that Connie made during our chat I'd also suggest you include the wives/partners/navigators in the entry list as they feel left out otherwise !
Looking forward to next year.
Paul (and Diane) Bullock.
Chairman, Bridgend MGOC.

Thanks for a super day.........well worth the long drive from the North West to leave the rain and gloom and spend a day in the sunshine in the glorious Cotswolds. We were so impressed with the smooth organisation of the run and the very friendly members of your club and then to find that you burned the midnight oil to put the photos on the computer was even more impressive. I do hope that I will be able to come back next year and bring some other MG owners to share the day
Cliff Procter (Rally No 6 ) 
A great day land you must have had someone to organise the weather. Hope to see you next year.
Best wishes to you and the organising team,

Thanks for the photo's and everything else connected with yesterday.  Please pass on our thanks to your extremely hardworking and able team for a superb day.  The route was great, taking us through some of the most picturesque villages in the Cotswolds and the map was very easy to follow.  Our Stag driving friends enjoyed themselves driving along some of the roads that they did their courting on!!
God willing will see you again next year for another Caper. 
Kind regards to all
Margaret and Tony Brinsden
caper   thanks for another great day thoroughly enjoyed, entry fo next year on its way to you regards robin j   welsh sec mgoc

Thanks for the photo, the car looks great!!
Many thanks to all at the club for a very successful day, look forward to seeing you again next year.
Jim, Jane and Poppy

Firstly many thanks to all involved in setting up the event and running it. Paula and I enjoyed it immensely, definitely the most enjoyable we have managed to attend in the last 7 years or so of owning our MGs. Please pass on our thanks to all.
The pictures are great and we found ours with our TF getting her feet wet! Brilliant!
You certainly found some breathtaking scenery for the run and we will be back to do it again next year if possible, please add us to any circulation list you have for your events.
Best regards and thanks again.
Paula and Paul Hoath

Just to thank you for an excellently organised run and to say well done to all the marshals for pointing us in the right direction. The route book was superb with all the useful information.Thank everybody in the team for there effort
it was a really enjoyable day out.
Regards John
Thanks Adrian – great pictures.
We thoroughly enjoyed the run, many thanks to you and all your ‘little’ helpers for organising such a great day out.
July 6th now noted in my 2014 diary!!
Mary and Sue (MGA Number 5)
Michael and John (AC Ace Bristol Number 47)

A big thank you to the Cotswold Mg club,  for  a splendid day out yesterday, we did enjoy the whole event, which was very well organsied.
We survived all the micky taking about our Stag, but at least we didn't need to be taken home by the man from AA, unlike the MG last weekend.  Out to the garage now to finish the cylinder head refit.
A grand day out and look forward to next yr already.
best wishes
Tim & Jenny

Once again thank you very much for a lovely day out, really well organised by lovely friendly people. Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved.
Thanks for the link to the pictures, a lovely touch and so prompt.
Kind regards,
Brian & Christine Redhead

Just a thank you and all your colleagues for a suberbly organised event.  One of the best runs we have been on.  It was our first Cotwolds Caper and we will plan to return next year.
Kind regard
Graham & Valerie Wilkinson
ps the photo coming through the water splash is great
Many thanks for the photos.
Many thanks to you and all your team for organising an excellent run through the beautiful areas of your countryside. A special thanks to the one who organised the weather - well done.
We will be definately joining you again in the future and have put the date in the diary for next year. It is helpful to know the starting point once it has been decided as we find the budget hotels are usually cheaper the earlier we book.
Once again many thanks to you all for your hard work it was much appreciated.
Shirley & Dave Townsend

It was a great day and the pictures are fabulous, we were the iris blue MGA, good splash through the ford.
Please pass on our thanks to the whole team
John & Janice White

On behalf of myself and colleagues from the Wycombe Area MGOC (WAMGOC) who took part in your Cotswold Caper run last Sunday I would like to congratulate you and your team on a well organised and enjoyable day. Please advise your contact for organising the weather as we would like to use them for our future events. 
Also many thanks for posting the pictures on the web for us all to enjoy and have a memento of the day. 
Terry Payne

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for yesterday.  This is the first time that we've hooked up with the Gloucester group and, after yesterday's experience, it won't be the last - what a friendly group, (and we won a tin of Roses in the raffle - result!).
We'll keep an eye on the web site and we'll be back.
Once again, any thanks for a great day!
Trevor & Gary  (MGB V8 - 15 MGB)
Many thanks to you and the team for organizing the Caper - we really appreciated the quality of the directions, and the hard work that went into the organization of the event - we managed the whole route without getting lost.
A truly excellent day!
Rod Colebrook






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