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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

Trade prices to club members on production of membership card.


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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club.


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Its the cars that bring us together.

Its the friendship that keeps us together.


Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have at least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.



What Sort of Social events do we have?

To check out the sort of things we have done in the past please check out our Past Events Page

This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!


Upcoming Events in this Month

For details see our Diary Page

Our Latest Write ups

John & Tony 2016 run 

South Cerney 2016

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Caption Competition

One more caption competition - Win a bottle of wine!!

Email me with your suggestions. Also, please email me with photos we can use for the competition

Our Previous Caption competitions can been seen here


Why did you not tell what it did BEFORE I touched it!!

What do you mean NOT THAT ONE!!

Is that the button you use to fast dial the AA?

When I pushed this button it made less noise than mummy and daddy did!

3-2-1- lift off......

BUT Uncle Trevor said I could press this one...

If I press this will it take off?

I wondered where my chewing gum was!

Oh No! Not another Child in an MG

“Mummy is this the flush button?”

I heard mummy tell daddy that he had pushed her button and then they went to bed. Will I have to go to bed if I push this button??

See.........and if I press it again it turns me back into a grumpy old bugger!

”The ejector seat button? WOW”

No, I don't know where Mr Bond is! But he told me not to push this button, and when I did he was gone.

Any ideas????


Can anyone come up with any photos which we could use in a caption competition


Email me if you can come up with anything at my email

Should you like to contact us with any general question about the club please email


Our Latest Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter No 93

The August meeting was a little late is getting underway due to the setting up of the equipment for the presentation by Paul Barnet.   Brian said that we were ready to go and commented on the good turnout of Members. 

Brian introduced Paul who he said was a passionate speaker and was Chairman of the Friends of Purton Hulks.

Paul thought that he would not need a microphone and he was certainly correct.  He said it was lovely to be with us and that his talks usually take about 75 minutes but he would gallop through his presentation and keep it to 45 minutes.  He informed us that Purton was the largest Ships Graveyard in Great Britain with 86 vessels on the river bank.  He can remember playing on the hulks in 1971 when he was a lad.   From his accent you wouldn't have believed that he was from Newcastle-upon-Tyne but Paul said that he had toned down the accent otherwise no-one would be able to understand what he was saying.  He said that the hulks had been used for protecting the bank as in 1909 the canal was in danger of being breached.  At one time they were intact but over the years people had been taking the wood for home fires and in later years had been having barbecues by the hulks and using the wood.  The major vessels were set alight to get whatever precious metals were in them.

Needless to say Paul did run over his 45 minutes but it was an excellent and informative presentation and gave us a taste of what was to come for our visit to the Purton Hulks at the end of September.  Laurence has arranged for a 3 hour visit to the site with lunch at the Mariners Arms in Berkeley afterwards. 

Brian thanked Paul and there was an enthusiastic applause after which Members waylaid Paul for more information.

Mo ably assisted by John carried out the raffle during the comfort break.

Brian re-opened the meeting saying that we were back on the agenda asking Sue if we were still solvent, to which she replied yes.   Laurence ran through the upcoming events  first asking Brian about his August run.  To date 12 cars had booked in,  meeting at Barrow Wake on the Tuesday after Bank Holiday Monday.

Laurence asked if anyone other than Geoff Wakefield was interested in attending Tetbury Show on the 4th September and Martin and Graham confirmed that they would like to go.  Adrian would be advised of this and would arrange entry for them.

Gethin had 31 names for the Abingdon visit on the 2nd October and he confirmed that the service at the pub where we would have lunch was very good and we would not have to pre-order.

Brian made the comment that the nights were drawing in which brings us onto the Xmas Bash which Liz and Dave were organising.  They would not be at the September meeting but would have the menu choice ready for October and would take numbers at this time.

Laurence had run off the comments made by the attendees of the Caper should anyone wish to read them but they could also go into our website to look at them.

Trev informed Members that we would be having a social event on Sunday 16th October which Keith Lewis had very kindly offered to organise.  There would be a short run finishing at Keith's' home where there would be a marquee,  a  pig roast had been the original thinking but Wendy (Keith's wife) had  suggested  that she would like to provide the food.  This all met with approval so at the September meeting numbers will be taken.

The Charity for next year would be decided at either the September or October meeting and Members were once again reminded to think about who they would like to nominate.

Brian thanked the brothers Child for their excellent run on the 26th July.  He also said that South Cerney on the 7th August had been a very good day with 18 cars from our Club attending.   The only downside was the very high wind but we did have protection from this with the gazebo which fortunately stood up to the test.

As it was Paul's 60th birthday on the 9th August  we all joined in with the singing of happy birthday.

The meeting closed later than usual at 9.45pm



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