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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

Trade prices to club members on production of membership card.


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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club.


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Its the cars that bring us together.

Its the friendship that keeps us together.


Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have at least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.


Presentation of Cheque to Willow Trust for £6,109



What Sort of Social events do we have?

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This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!


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Our Latest Newsletter

September 2017 Newsletter No 105


Brian welcomed Members to the meeting saying that September is on us and its' dark outside and someone will no doubt mention the 'C' word looking at Dave and Liz Carter.  He said that Liz Rowland of the The Willow Trust was at the meeting to receive the cheque from our Cotswold Caper efforts.  He mentioned for those who did not know that we had raised £6109.35 which was a superb effort from all those Club Members involved in donating raffle prizes, obtaining adverts and helping on the day not to mention outside support and the entrant.  He then handed the microphone to Liz who decided it was not necessary as long as our Members at the back of the room could hear and they replied that they could.   

Liz on a slightly serious note said that what we had done raising so much money for the Willow Trust was way beyond what she had expected.  She was quite overwhelmed and said that it costs £15.00 per person to spend a day on the Trust's boat and quickly worked out that 400 guests would benefit from our generous donation.  This is their 27th Season and during that time approximately 7000 people have had the pleasure of spending a day cruising on the canal from Saul Junction taking turns in the wheelhouse to steer the boat, obviously under the guidance of the Captain.

On finishing Liz said that we would all be welcome for a trip on the boat but would rather not have 170 cars turn up as there would be a problem with parking.

A large re-usable cheque had been purchased and Steve took photographs of Brian presenting this to Liz,  he also took a few group photographs which will go into 'Enjoying MG' with Laurence's Caper Report. 

Brian thanked Members for their patience whilst the photographs were being taken and said that Liz was incredibly pleased with what we had done.  It was thought that if the Mayor of Cirencester Nigel Robbins OBE, who had waved off the cars at the start, ever thought about a change of career this would be ideal for him.  He was extremely enthusiastic on the day and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Many thanks to him.

Thanks were given to Tony and John for their very good evening run, even the sun shone and also thanks to Steve for organising the Coffee and Classics event at Bibury, which was another enjoyable event even though a little damp.

Eight cars and their occupants attended the Llandudno run and Brian said it was the first time in four visits that he had seen Snowdon!

Members were informed that we would vote at the next meeting for the charity to be supported in 2018 and nominations were to be sent to Laurence before the end of September.

Club funds are still healthy and Membership is now 51 cars.

The last run of the year would be Andy Jarrett' on the 26th September meeting in  Asda car Park at Kingsway, full details are on the diary page.

Laurence said that so far there were eight cars going to the Cotswold Airport Open Day on the 30th September, the event runs from 9am till 9pm.   The Club gazebo would be provided for shelter and we would be meeting in Tetbury Tesco's car park,  details of this would also be on the diary page.

Keith and Wendy were sunning themselves in Spain, obviously relaxing before they entertain Club Members for their social event on the 1st October.  Members were reminded that there would be plenty of food but if alcohol was required then they should take their own.  They were also asked to bring along a raffle prize with the money raised going toward a charity.

The first premier Sunday lunch of the winter on the 22nd October is being organised by Tim, who says that we will be eating at the Hobnails, Tewskesbury.

Unfortunately Brian  had to mention the  'C' word as we have the Xmas dinner on the 9th December.  A speech from Dave was required which caused Members to applaud.  Dave confirmed that the dinner had been booked but it had gone up by a £1.00 on last year, he had 28 names so far.  Money in the form of cash would be required at the November meeting.  Family and friends would  be welcome.  Wrapped raffle prizes would also be appreciated to be brought along on the night.

As no-one offered to organise the November Sunday lunch which would have been very close to the Xmas Bash it was decided to scrub it.

Laurence gave advance notification of a run in August 2018 which was the Coast to Coast Morecombe to Scarborough.  He had received notification of this and it was proving very popular.

Trev gave the 2018 Caper update saying that it was still early days but Paul had put a lot of work into the route which had been tried and tested.  The start would be from Seasons which had been used previously and would take in the North Cotswolds.    He asked who would be willing to help with marshalling etc and he had one definite volunteer.

The Caption Contest winner was Marion with  'Jane is thinking "What? only three pints and a glass of red, is that it?" '

The MGOC are holding two seminars in October, one in Swavesey and one in Warwick with John Twist the MG expert showing how to tune an engine etc.  If anyone was interested in attending details were with Laurence.

Steve was happy to organise another Coffee and Classics run in 2018 and  as it proved a popular suggestion it was decided to attend on  Sunday 3rd June. 

Laurence explained that the web site had been causing problems and Adrian had said that it had been compromised.   Adrian thought the problem had now been solved  but Members were to let Laurence know if they experienced any further trouble and he would advise Adrian.  Apparently it was the home page that was causing the problem although Gethin said that if you went through 'Google' there was a message to say that it had been hacked.

Brian asked if there was AOB and one Member was concerned that the home page had not been changed in a long while.  The question was asked, was it possible to rotate different cars every 3-4 months and that way it would look as though we were an active Club.  Several other Members supported this request and Brian said  it would be looked into.

Steve said that he would provide a Gloucestershire Quiz for the January meeting and Gethin asked that he made it a little easier than last time as he was not local man.

Laurence asked Members to think about next year's programme and whether they had any suggestions for speakers.

Brian said that we had a birthday in the room and the person whose birthday it was was hiding his head.  It was not a special birthday as it didn't have a 0 but nevertheless we  sang Happy Birthday to Tony.  Someone suggested that we all formed an orderly queue and gave him the bumps.

It was time for Mo and Carol to relieve Members of their loose change for the raffle.  They did extremely well taking £40.00 for Club Funds. 






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